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Priya Denny-A Vivid Journey from Mumbai to Doha(Host,Influencer)


“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” By Ralph Waldo Emerson is a quote I have sworn by the times growing up and positioning myself to where I am and what I have distinctly achieved. Staying grounded, being true to yourself with a keen eye to learn and nurture is what exemplifies Priya Denny – The Host / The Influencer / The Wife / A Daughter / Friend to many! The person who I am today is a true representation of my culture, upbringing, love from Family & Friends and a sense of gratitude that I have inculcated in my journey.

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My childhood has been an irony to begin, a journey in itself! Born in Aluva, Ernakulam.. a district in the beautiful Commercial Capital of Kerala.. Well that confirms I am a “MALAYALI” and the answer to the ever-famous question ‘MALAYALI AANO?” But destiny had a better thought of messing around by flying me across the Arabian Sea to the beautiful city of Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman where my Father was posted with a renowned Shipping & Logistics Organization. Life growing up in Muscat was fun with your own kind but the relief of also knowing that other cultures within the Indian diaspora existed. A sudden plan had me move back to Mumbai where I was to be finally a Graduate in Arts, specializing in History Major… Don’t ask me why! By this time, I was also tagged as “GELF” return as most within our community would call it.

Education yes was important and definitely a key to open doors, but then my interest was beyond the working hours of 9-6 as the daily office routine would go. Travel and discover different cultures, cuisines and the heritage that existed in this world made me a Travel & Tourism professional on record but still didn’t give me that chance to travel and explore beyond the boundaries of my town…Even though I was fairly good at ensuring others did through KUONI at their own expenses. This continued but then what I started doing was to first truly understand my own city that I called home..MUMBAI! This is how my interest in food started when I started visiting the various suburbs within the city and notoriously find out the different cuisines that by lanes within these suburbs had to offer. To my amaze, I never imagined Mumbai could offer so much for an amateur like me. On top of my head…Eating Pav Bhaji (A Mumbai staple) at SARDAR PAV BHAJI, Hygienic Chaats like Bhel Puri and its famous cousins in and around ELCO MARKET and obviously sumptuous non vegetarian around Colaba whilst shopping for street wear. This fairly continued but never did I truly realize the importance of capturing these moments on camera. During this time, I also became a trained professional with LAKME and started taking charge of their suburban business as a Manager. That’s how the attention to skin care routines, Make up products and brands became prominent and I started to even self-experiment. Now I can vouch to the fact that I am a 9/10 when it comes to looking good for those occasions that require a fair bit of glam and shine.

My Mother was my main support until then as she always believed that Women need to be empowered and free to chose for themselves and create a path, be unique and carve out that niche within this world. It is because of her that I can truly say my personality carved out from what would have been the clutches of regular middle-class society life back in India.

Meeting my soul mate, Siju which started off as casual Hi Hello on Facebook after years of knowing each other through school turned into a fruitful courtship of 4 years which trans ponded into marriage on February 2019. I can be proud to this very moment that my travels started because of him and his love for exploring. He may come across a reserved individual with a Hulk like figure but then his mind already plans for the years to come. Places I never knew existed be it in Mumbai, he would know  and what the place is famous for p.s HE LOVES TO EAT AND HE MIGHT EVEN EAT HIS WAY OUT TO LIVE! We travelled the length and breath of India before marriage as it paved a way of knowing each other better. One thing I strongly believe and advise.. Travel with the person to be sure on how compatible you can be. Travel tests you as individuals and makes the bond stronger!

A year before marriage is when I visited Doha the first time to experience the culture, its heritage without having any thoughts that one day I would be moving in on a permanent basis to call it my home. Being a tourist, I was in awe of the architecture, the souq’s (Souq Waqif is my relaxation spot), its beaches and yes you need to love the corniche!

I was fortunate enough to join an events & media company in Qatar and it was during this time that my foray into the segment started.  Right from coordinating events to conceptualizing them, I was thrown into this ocean where I have never dreamt of even taking a boat and sailing. But this phase is when I started to hone my skills of event organizing. From then on it was time to be a part of Qatar’s top Bollywood Radio station – ONE FM 89.6 QATAR KI DHADKAN. This time around, the fire I was put into was Digital Media and Content Moderation which was Greek & Latin at the time. But then self-perseverance with dedication and mentorship, I was able to manage their digital media and ensure top of the line content was on air. I was privileged to work as the artist manager for all celebrities who arrived during the FASHION WEEK INTERNATION feat. AISHWARYA RAI. The limelight never seem to amaze me but there was that in built fire wherein I knew that may be someday this could be my true calling.

Coming back from my marriage in India, is when I finally decided to leave the radio and begin my stride into entrepreneurship along with 2 partners when we launched MILLENNIUM ENTERTAINMENT with a common goal to bring in some of the finest comedians from Bollywood & YouTube to Qatar. Kanan Gill Live, Johnny Lever along with his daughter Jamie Lever and troupe and then finally Zakir Khan were our 3 blockbuster events. Early 2020 is when we even hosted Dr. Kumar Vishwas in Doha. I can proudly say, that we as MILLENNIUM ENTERTAINMENT kick started the trend of comedy events again in Qatar. But then circumstances lead to halt mid-way through our planned series but ensuring we will come back stronger.

Just to keep it real..I hate being in front of the camera….but June 2019 is when I was forced into featuring in a restaurant launch video which eventually paved the way to become a continuous association with a team managing close to 20 restaurants and mid-size hypermarkets / supermarkets in Qatar. Confidence in me grew ten folds when encouragements come flowing down from my husband, family and friends who always wished the best for me and kept pushing me to grow.  It has been no looking back for me ever since. Hosting “WALK THE TALK” a premium segment on digital by ONE FM along with “FOODIE’VENTURES” which helps you explore restaurants like you never have to also covering government-based events happening in Qatar. The final hurdle was my husband making sure I created my own page to drive my focus on being an influencer who can benefit society in more ways than one. Life so has it that the page has seen a gradual yet organic rise and I strive daily to feature content benefitting SME’s in Qatar who sometimes find it tough to get featured.

I still haven’t reached the pedestal to stand on top of the tallest feature in the world and proclaim I am successful and sense a pride of achievement. Bucket lists remain pending, life experiences yet to pass by, success and fame to be kissed and celebrated, but amongst the chaos to achieve I remain focused, goal driven and strong each passing day. Qatar has made me stronger emotionally and mentally and my experiences through my 3 years in the country is to thank for. I cannot miss but take time to specially thank RABEEH IBRAHIM, SUDHI KOLLAROTH, MIRZAD MAKHDM to give me that space in front of the camera where once I shied away from.

Life is about experiences and memories and I set out to make them every single day waking up to thank god for blessing me with all that I have today.


This is me…Priya…The Host, The Influencer… Let’s connect!


Instagram:- sunshine_3188

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