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A Date with Nails!


It is sometimes frustrating to see pretty ladies with unmaintained nails. Me being a cleanliness freak, I love to maintain myself. In reality, healthy nails are an indicator of your health posture. A right intake of Vitamin B is an important factor to boost nail growth along with a balanced diet. However, I have noticed that we always need a little extra help for making nails healthier and stronger. That’s where, I am sharing a quick solution and a feedback on one of the products I have been using it for quite some time now.

CND Rescue Rx (Daily Keratin Treatment) is one of the best nail care products doing really well in the market now. It consists of of Keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil which reduces peeling, dryness, redness and cuticle damage. I have obtained immense results using this product and I am sharing a picture as well to see how effective the results are on regular usage.


  1. It is easy to use as it is a brush based applicator.
  2. It is value for money definitely.
  3. It can be used anytime of the day and let it rest on the nails.

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