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What is the Procedure if your QID is Lost or Damaged??


Replace Lost or Damaged Residence Permit (For Non-Qataris)

Residents can apply online to replace their lost or damaged residence permit cards through the online portal of the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Online Instructions

  • Login with your smartcard to the e-services portal of MOI.
  • Select “Residence Services” from the list, then choose the service type (Replace Lost or Replace Damaged).
  • Enter the information of the expat who wants to issue Residence Permit/QID card (Either for himself/herself, or for one of the family members), in addition to the mobile number.
  • Select the delivery option: Personally from Expatriates Affairs Department, or by mail courier via Qatar Postal Services Company.
  • In case of selecting the mail courier delivery option, the address should be entered, and its information validity checkbox should be ticked.
  • Pay fees and print/save receipt.

Additional Information

  • Applicants must be inside the country.
  • If you need to replace a lost QID card, you must submit an “Implicit” security notification for the lost card.


QR200, in addition to QR20 mail courier delivery fees (if applicable).


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