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Visitors to Qatar will find much to interest them in the country’s proud sea-faring traditions. From pearl diving to fishing to trading with neighbouring countries, Qatar enjoys a unique relationship with the open seas. Experience the country’s seafaring heritage cruising aboard a traditional wooden Qatari dhow.

Dhow Cruise Tour with Dinner – Book Now | 365 AdventuresA “must do” for all visitors to Doha, enjoy a panoramic view of Doha city skyline on board a traditional wooden dhow, an Arab sailing vessel with one or more lateen sails. Sailing close to Safliya Island, guests can go swimming and sun tanning on the beach, simply dance on board or relax with a shisha (water pipe with flavoured tobacco). Barbecue buffet meals are prepared and served on board.

2-Hour Doha Corniche Walk and Dhow Cruise 2020

For evening excursions, as dusk falls and twinkling lights appear on shore, we pull away on a romantic cruise around the bay. The cool, night air spells magic as silhouettes and shadows interplay with the lights. Once the sun sets, dinner begins with an appetizing international buffet to complete the enchanting evening. You can take a moonlit swim, dance to the tune of Arabian/ English music, have a delicious dinner on-board and relax under the stars while cruising across tranquil waters of the Arabian Gulf.

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Full-day, half-day and evening sightseeing excursions, including a meal, can be arranged via a hotel or through any of the leading local tour operators.

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