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These days we all crave to have a healthy lifestyle specially eating healthy and staying fit. However, we might adopt a healthy lifestyle but often we tend to overlook a very important aspect which is when to eat meals throughout the day! I think incorporating small changes in our day to day lifestyle makes a huge difference in proper functioning of our body, which is key to a healthy life.  I had a bad habit of skipping meals and used to follow irregular or abnormal eating habits (excuse was work load, lack of time etc. etc.). But as we know every action has an equal and opposite reaction and we all learn it in a hard way. Ignoring health by not eating meals at the right time is a real bad practice which everyone should avoid.  There is absolutely no doubt that eating healthy and controlling portion – both are key for staying fit and fab. But the timing of your meals play an important role in maintaining a steady weight according to your body type and structure.

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I feel one should step into a diet plan which is doable in the long run and yield effective results. I do not follow any specific diet regime as your body requires all kinds of vitamins, minerals, fibers and carbohydrates. Skipping meals initially helps to lose weight (a temporary feel good factor) but we will just end up eating more later and hence tend to put on all the weight back again.  I usually have three meals a day with healthy snacks in-between which has kept my weight steady for so many years now.

I am going to share some of my habits which I incorporated in my daily life and have given me excellent results. Eating at the right time and the right portion throughout the day will help you to maximize fat burning.

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  • Breakfast: I ensure that I have a satisfying and balanced breakfast(the most important meal of the day and I eat it king-size) which has sufficient proteins which keeps me full for a considerable amount to time. I usually have my breakfast within 730am to 830am. That is how I fuel up my engine and mood (I am a super moody person LOL)
  • Snacking: The functioning of my brain is directly proportional to the food intake time to time (LOL). I become completely unproductive when I feel hungry. I have a snack in time between 11am to 1130am (watermelon juice/avocado/corns/cucumber juice) to energize myself and keep me full till lunch time so that I can focus on my work.
  • Lunch: I usually have rice/chapatti (Indian flat bread)/vegetables/legumes (small amount of carbs) and I love this meal as I love carbs. I finish my lunch by 1.30pm.
  • Evening snack: I indulge in homemade sandwiches (brown bread/diet bur/protein bread) made with egg/cheese/tomato. It is filling enough till I have my last meal of the day. I have it around 5pm to 530pm.
  • Dinner: I keep my dinner light (dinner should always be the lightest meal of your day)which includes grilled chicken or fish and a variety of veggies and have it around 8pm (try to avoid complex carbs in dinner). This is the last meal of the day.

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Few easy tips to stay fit:

  1. I don’t consume carbonated drinks (coke, pepsi, etc.,)
  2. I relax and enjoy my meal while I eat.
  3. If you do not hit these deadlines, you are not doomed (not all days are same and exceptions are there)
  4. I hardly consume refined flour.
  5. I do not keep my stomach empty.
  6. I do not indulge in chips/wafers/biscuits/energy bars which are sugary (with high calories) to suit my hungry cravings.
  7. I try to get steady sleep at least for a stretch of 6 to 7 hours a day.
  8. I usually eat 2 to 3 hours before I am off to bed.
  9. I try to engage in brisk walking or jogging (twice or thrice a week) to burn the extra calorie.
  10. I drink lots of water

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Disclaimer: Please note I am not a certified nutritionist or dietician to guide you professionally to lose weight or customize diet plans. However, I have shared my experience and journey to highlight that we can stay fit following some simple techniques and small changes which actually yield results in the long run. This is not a doting schedule or routine which has to be followed strictly. At the end, everyone has different body type and structure. Kindly get in touch with medical professionals for serious health issues.


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