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Appreciate Simple Things to Make This Your Best Year Yet


“It’s not a bad idea to occasionally spend a little time thinking about things you take for granted. Cherish the everyday things”

35 of Life's Simple Pleasures to Cherish Everyday - Goodnet


Let’s go back in time. Not too long, but only seven months ago when the virus outbreak hadn’t occurred yet. We were cursing the waking up early, traffic to reach at work, complaining about not enough family time, to learn new skills or spend some time on pursuing your passion that you have been longing to do so.

Soon after, due to the global pandemic, everyone was under lockdown. When I was indoors, I realized how beautiful and blessed we are to have the life which otherwise assumed was regular and usual. Little do we realize that we take things for granted and complain about the most trivial problems.

When I look back now, I notice many special areas of life whose importance I failed to understand earlier.


Living on your own in this country, we have the choice of freedom to live life like want to. No holds barred, and no questions asked. It is a life of choices we are living as long as by following the norms and not breaking any rules. If I had to drive too far, I would whine about the miles I had to cover. However, during the lockdown, I needed a valid reason to travel that distance and face cops who most certainly would not allow me to get there. Staying indoors has taught me that losing control of the fundamental aspects of your life makes you uncomfortable. These are the things we consider usual and expected, we only realize the value of them when they vanish.

Freedom – Page 2 – Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church


Life and technology have evolved rapidly over the years. We enjoy so many benefits from the comfort of our couch. You can order food, get your car washed, or send a package to your friend without stepping outside your house by using your fingertips. During lockdown although some services were operational at minimal, I realized that the comfort of technology and the services various businesses provided are priceless.

Smarter Home - ABB брэнд

Fun time with your dear ones

No matter where you live in, you have umpteen opportunities to have fun and relax like going for movie night or for bowling no matter how bad, one is at playing, or enjoy the adrenaline rush of a long drives. Then you had to lock in house and resorting to board games, realizing that how fun-filled is outside world actually.

The 8 Best Couches of 2020Human Interaction

The smiles and the handshakes appeared once as necessary gestures became the talk of past, Today, when we come across any passerby including our friends and families, the smile lies hidden behind the mask, and a handshake is out of the question. Earlier, we called the people around us a “crowd,” today we call our situation “Social Distancing.” We need some form of interaction to feel connected with the rest of the world, don’t you think so?

Viagem em família ou grupo com os amigos

I have realized that we think about everything that seems to be lacking in our lives and imagine ourselves far happier and more fulfilled on the other side of massive change. There is no denying that certain accomplishments can amp up our life satisfaction, but I have found that our little appreciation on the things we have are the biggest contributor to our happiness.

You can have a job that excites you, the best body of your life, and the perfect partner for you, but none of it will fully satisfy you if you do not also prioritize and being grateful for that nurture your overall well-being. Just Remember to

  • Enjoy your present
  • You feel the pain only when something is missing
  • Your emotions are defined by what you choose to see

The pandemic might have made one’s life harder, however it has made mine stronger, and I am sure for you as well, do you agree with me?

Be Blessed and Grateful,

Much Love


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