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Creativity – still undiscovered?


How many of you are still struggling to label yourself as being creative, or labelling the things that I do as creativity?

Is following a crochet pattern creative?

There is a usual belief in the world at large: some people are just creative like that, perhaps by birth, and some are not – the “non creatives”. Where this belief sprang from, it seems no one knows. Yet most people don’t pause and think before accepting it as a fact.

When we acquire something in life, we tend to mold ourself towards that particular moment, expressing our creativity requires the same attention to process. You can’t expect to produce a great design just because you have a seemingly great idea. The moment the light ignites that experience has to be tempered with meaningful planning and preparation.

I believe creativity is really two parts: curiosity and the ability to not just ask “what if?”, but also use some foresight to imagine the potential outcome. One has to be curious enough to want to look beyond the information that already exists; continually curious enough to collect all of this new information, and then put seemingly disparate pieces together into something else.

I feel each one of us are creative in their own way and not feeling that fundamental burning need to ask ‘what if’? tackling that scenario could have a choice for your kind of creativity which is hidden in you. But it’s just that some are not willing to take any risks means both little chance that things could go wrong or fail, but also even less chance of expecting a different or better outcome.

Innovation is not some divine gift; it’s actually the skilled application of knowledge in new and exciting ways. It requires changing up one’s normal routine, stepping outside of typical comfort zones, and being attentive to the present moment.

When learning new information, taking a break—either by taking a nap or simply enjoying a distraction—is another way of allowing the mind to process the data in novel and surprising ways. This often lays the groundwork for a creative insight or breakthrough. Being creative is associated with many factors—including conducive environments, ideal collaborators, spiritual, personality traits and just a hint of serendipity. Finding the right combination of these isn’t always easy, but the outcomes are well worth it.

Creativity is simply one of the dimensions of your intelligence. It is not just a quality; it is the route to great possibilities.

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