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Successful Mom Entrepreneur to Inspire You – Shazia Shaikh


As an entrepreneur, a mother and a member of the oft-discussed millennial generation, I feel I’m being positively pummeled with expectations, joys, demands, judgments and revelations. With too little time and more goals than I can count, I often feel overwhelmed. Yet, despite the dizzying whir of business and life, I feel absolutely certain about a few things.

Shazia Shaikh the Jewelry Designer.

The designs jewelry that is as inspiring as it is edgy. When she first launched her collection Jewelry under the banner called Saheli “My best friend” home based designs in 2007 and commercial registration in 2010, she re-interpreted iconic symbols and images that provided hope and solace throughout history. Her first pieces were a mix of modern iterations and found vintage pieces but as the desire for her collection grew, she began reworking all of her pieces into a theme that drew on empowerment, strength and faith in oneself and promise for a better reality. She balances her eye for what’s fine and feminine with a rocker chic vibe in her ability to creatively mine the past for symbolic jewelry that connects women to their emotions, grace, strength and sense of humor.

Her jewelry includes, ‘mantra’ pendants, which are engraved with meaningful words and sayings, weighty, gemstone and diamond-studded dog tags, shields, charm necklaces that can include hand crafted stones for faith and hope, and all styles of signet rings.

Fearless focus Shazia Shaikh a Mother and a Wife:

Even as the mother of three young children, I’m not afraid to say that I love work. In this country — especially in the Doha — these words don’t exactly roll off the tongue. Sure, work may be necessary. It may be a chore and a duty. But, if it takes you from the responsibilities and joys of home and family, how could a woman possibly love it? How could she possibly want more of it? Why would she seek to grow and rise if she doesn’t absolutely have to do so?

In ways direct and indirect, I encounter this attitude on a regular basis. The often-implied subtext is that mothers who are ambitious and passionate about their full-time careers are somehow less invested in their family’s well-being. We see glimpses of this thinking in the questions we ask of successful, business-minded women who also happen to be mothers. One of the most common is “How do you manage it all?”

My Answer to this question is – Surround yourself with people who make you stronger and better. My biggest strength of carrying my passion are my husband & Children.      

Her Role in Indian Women’s Association:

Shazia Shaikh,

Assistant General Secretary,

Indian Women’s Association,

Doha, QATAR.

Her area of Expertise are:

Creating designs, sketching of designs, Cad Jewelry designs, Making Jewelries for marriage & engagement, Fixing of stones, Fixing of AD stones, Decorative items fixing, Prong, bezel and pave setting.  

Her Brand deals in:

*All that glitters (American diamond collections)

*Vidai (bridal collections)

*Divine (temple and Arabic calligraphy collections)

*Ethnic collections (black metal)

* Love 💓 the traditional you: traditional golden plated customized jewelry matching your outfits.

Head to toe – all types of accessories


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