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You Matter! You’re more valuable than you think


“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth”.

I want you to know this is true , you are valuable, precious, and have great value… it is true about you.

Life is hard and tough, so are you. Part of us wants to believe we are of value and then another part of us says no way…that’s not true. As a result we often scuffle away the messages of value that others and God have for us. We sometimes feel that worth and value for self just won’t sink down deep inside.

Fortunately, we can learn to become a loving and caring friend to ourselves, caring for and responding to ourselves in ways that affirm the inherit worth and value  breathed into each and every one of us.

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The culture that exists today is where you ought to feel worthless. If you didn’t add value in some way to some person, you had no worth. You didn’t have a reason to exist.

Often I gave more thoughts to how people’s lives would be if I simply disappeared. I began paying attention to the effect my presence had in normal, everyday situations. I realized that by expressing my truer nature—my eccentric, sometimes nerdy, genuine self—I made a positive impact. I was giving out positive energy. This had been happening my entire life, but I wasn’t aware of it and so does you sometimes you wont realize it either.

You don’t have to be emotionally dependent on the feedback or opinions of others. You know you have something of value, something that was intangible and plentiful, and for me I knew could give it to others all of the time, it was me and my energy.

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Start to look for the same in others. Realize that everyone has a unique piece of life’s puzzle to contribute. Some contribute in small ways, some contribute in large ways, but everyone’s piece is important. You cannot have a whole puzzle if a piece is missing.

Always Remember;

  • Your worth and value is intact, despite mistakes you’ve made, or regrets you have
  • You are precious and valuable, if you could go back and do some things differently
  • You are precious and valuable, even though you have faults and shortcomings 
  • You are precious and valuable, inspite of all problems, imperfections and failures.

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ALWAYS “Believe in yourself”. Never doubt yourself. You must change your message in your head. “I’m worth it. I’m good. I’m so good that I’m irreplaceable.” Once you believe that, you can convince others of the value that you bring.

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You are you for a reason. Your quirks, your eccentricities, the things that make you unique and who you are—you are meant to be these things and go about life in this way. Each action you take that’s based in your unique personality has ripple effect upon others in some way or other. It’s impossible for you to know that the random person you chatted with on and shared your thoughts on something you know can have an eccentric effect and bring some value in their life.

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Nobody can know these things, but they are everyday miracles of life. There is your value- its you, your uniqueness, and your expression in it.

We are all blessed with a unique value, and the more we cultivate it and share it, the better we feel every day. Your true self is a gift and a key to unlocking a life of greater satisfaction. Go ahead and use that key. It will open a lot of doors.

You Are More Valuable Than You Think - Michael Bonnell

You Are More Valuable Than You Think…

I would love to hear from you, what stood out to you and what has helped you to see your worth the most?

Much Love





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