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Sabrina Azim Abbas-A Journey of a Successful Business Women


(1) How would you like to Introduce yourself?

Ambitious and Driven , I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for my self so i have something to strive towards.
Always looking for an opportunity to do better and constantly learning new things.

(2) Tell Me Something About Your Family & How they have Supported you in achieving your Dream?

I would say family serves as the first school to the child where one learns about various things,
The basic knowledge about one’s culture and identity comes from their family only.
In other words you are a reflection of your family.
so Starting with my father Azim Abbas
He is one of the well known personality in the business industry of Qatar,
A man who has been serving Doha for a decades now.
He is known as the Managing Director of Al Sulaiman Jewellery & Watches , also Director of DPS-MIS School and The President of IBPC (Indian business and professionals council).
so maybe that would have given you an idea from where I get all this from my Father ofcourse.
My mother Zainab Azim on other hand is my Superhero , In every step of my life she supported and encouraged me, She is an essence of truthfulness , love and sincerity .
I have 3 siblings Ali, Jassim  & Dania . The bond between siblings is the most enduring bond that any of us experience and I’m blessed to have them in my life.
At Last My loving Husband Moosa Abedi
Having a supportive spouse trumps any concerns I was having about life.
He celebrates me for even the tiniest accomplishment and his unwavering support means the world to me.
Marriage ain’t easy , The responsibility of emotionally supporting another human is a lot of work. Due to him I am able to achieve what I have today.

“A Mother Gives you a Life, A Mother-in-law Gives you Her Life”

“If Every Woman had a terrific Father-in-law like you, Every women in this world would have a second dad”

Even though you are not my parents I know that you will be there with the little things you do you let me know you care. You are always there to help, whatever the need may be you have given of yourself…… and so unselfishly. I am drawn to you more everyday for the kindness you have shown.

Thanks for being always supportive & helpful throughout my journey.

(3) Tell Me About Your Best/Memorable Childhood Memory.

Home or away , getting out in the fresh air seems to help lay the foundation for lasting memories, playing in the parks , learning to ride a bike and playing playground games.
I don’t remember any particular incident but yes we had a gadget free life, more happiness and less stressful, We are in an era where Kids nowadays have access to the internet world and they have missed out the actual childhood fun. where as in my case my sweetest memory was when my father use to get back from a business trip, i always use to be excited for that one gift he got me a Qatar Airways wet wipe , strange but yet i use to feel really happy getting that and i collected them and took them to school thinking its something cool. HAHAHA how innocent and sweet was my childhood.
(4) Tell Me About Your One Strength & One Weakness.
My family is my strength and weaknesses are not supposed to be revealed, but instead we make it our strength.

(5) Tell Me Something About Your Hobby/Interest.

Volunteering , community service or charity work, sports such as competing on a team or in a league,  creative arts, including painting , calligraphy , designing etc.

(6) Tell me 3 of your Bucket List items which are still pending to be fulfilled.

I have 2 Bucket list instead of 3

-Travel the world with  friends
-Write my autobiography
(7) Tell Me About Your Journey as an Entrepreneur Woman.
 In the golden age of globalization , digitalization and start – up booms, everyone is clearly seeing  a revolution via – a -vis women entrepreneurs .
Today’s women entrepreneurs do not come only from the established business families or from the higher- income sections of the population, they come from all walks of life and from all parts of the country.
My journey has just started and till now what i have learnt is that up’s & down’s are the part of life we can’t just give up and let it go, perhaps I have found a new perspective in life . The suffering and success has made me a stronger & happier person.
(8) What has inspired you to become an Entrepreneur?
My Father has inspired me to become what I am today and more over my mother is the real woman behind it due to her support and encouragement i have overcome many hardships. Thank you Mummy.
I am also inspired by people who feel enthusiastic about their job, their life , or their family and who convey their enthusiasm and good energy to me just like my Friend Farheen .
(9) Can you tell me what are the startups founded by you & their success stories?
I am the founder of Vintage Events. We have done many successful events like weddings, birthdays etc . We do provide lights and dj like a full package of an event you want , do follow us on instagram and facebook .
(10) We heard that your father is the President of Indian Business Association. Kindly let us know More about this association & its activities.
IBPC – Indian Business & Professional Council, the very name resonates itself with the sentiments of the Indian business and professional community in Qatar. I’m honored to lead this organization representing the largest expatriate business and professional community in Qatar. Since its inception, it was the long cherished dream of the members to have it’s own office facility, which thanks to the dynamic members of the current Managing Committee, we are about to realize. Once the office becomes operational, IBPC will be transformed to be the functional bridge for the businessmen and the businesses between India and The State of Qatar. It is the declared motto of IBPC to encourage, promote and drive the trade and business between India, the fourth largest economy in the world and The State Of Qatar, the most progressive and modern state in the region. It is also the vision of the Patron of IBPC, the Coordinating Officer of IBPC and the current Managing Committee to revamp the organizational structure of IBPC to make it more responsive, vibrant and meaningful.
While remembering the efforts and contributions of all previous office bearers and community leaders, who toiled to bring IBPC to what it is today, I request every member of Indian community who can positively contribute to bolster these declared objectives of IBPC, to join hands with us to convert it into one of the most dynamic trade bodies in Qatar.
(11) A Few words about Qatar & how this place have helped you in fulfilling your dreams?

I am born and brought. up here and no matter wherever i go this country pulls me back.

We grow with this place , we experience up and down with this place and we will stand by Qatar through its tough moments just as Qatar has stood by us .

(12) What message do you want to give to our viewers?

Always remember that one thing , on the road to success there is always “we” not “me” do not think that you alone can achieve things, N0 ! . There is always another person who’s standing behind you, Maybe not coming on the floor in front but behind you praying for you and supporting you. Never lose that person.

(13) A Few Lines about Essence of Qatar.

Essence of Qatar is a great platform showcasing the young entrepreneurs.

I want to thank Yusuf and Ankit for approaching me , I wish you both the very best and more success to the Essence Team.

Sabrina Azim Abbas





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