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People can travel and return without quarantine after receiving two doses of COVID-19 vaccine: Official


A person who has taken two doses of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine can travel and return without the need to undergo quarantine, a senior health official has said.

“The obvious and principled thing is that we give the vaccination in order to say that this person who received the two doses and passed by a week after the second dose is a person immune to the virus. That means he/she does not contract the disease and does not transmit it to others. This is the ultimate goal of vaccination. One of the benefits of the vaccination is that the vaccine recipient can travel and return without needing to undergo quarantine,” Dr Yousef Al Maslamani, Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital, told Qatar TV.

When asked about the quarantine requirement of people who have taken the two doses of the COVID-19, he said, “So far, there is no decision from the Strategic Committee in this regard. but the principled thing is that the vaccine recipients are immune to the virus.

Regarding some countries subjecting people with vaccination card to coronavirus examination, Dr Al Maslamani said, “When you go to a country and they conduct an examination that does not mean that they do not recognize the certificate (vaccinations) that you have, but to make sure the vaccinations are effective. We will also do the same. When people return, we will take a sample from them to ensure the efficacy of the vaccinations.”

“But regardless of the outcome, the final thing is that there will be no quarantine,” he added.

Dr Al Maslamani said said Qatar has deals with vaccine manufacturers so that sufficient quantity of vaccines will reach Qatar in 2021 that will be enough for all the people.


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