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Artist Cafe-Hidden Gem in Qatar for Painters & Artists


Who we are

Artist CafĂ©’s core inspiration was derived from the popular ‘CafĂ©-cum-Bakery-cum-Art Gallery’ theme, which is a favourite cosmopolitan trend around the world. Artist CafĂ© was born out of a novel concept to gather enthusiasts of art, coffee, food and creativity under one roof. It aims to break away from the ordinary cafe-chain experience and connect creative, like-minded people from different walks of life in our artistic city of Doha. Artist CafĂ© will be a haven for art lovers, to interact with artists and review their paintings, sculptures, contemporary & graphic art. Artist CafĂ© aspires to provide a creative platform to our richly talented local & international artists. We shall feature their best works at the art gallery placed right in the cafĂ©.

Our vision

Artist Café envisions to be the go-to place for art enthusiasts and cafe lovers in Qatar; where budding artists showcase their creative works at an art gallery placed right in the cafe. Here, foodies & artistes shall enjoy their dose of fine arts, munch on a crispy Zatar croissant & enjoyed a perfectly brewed coffee created by our amazing Baristas. Our visitors shall experience small pleasures of life under one roof.

Our mission

Artist CafĂ© shall be an innovative substitute from the ordinary cafe-chain experience in Doha – the bustling, emerging Art Capital of Middle East.

This Beautiful Café is located in Qanat Quartier, Pearl Qatar, Doha. One of the best thing about this café is that they have a beautiful display of paintings of various artist & as well as conducting workshop for new artists. If you love to paint then definitely this the place to visit. Apart from Coffee & snacks they are selling all kind of painting accessories for artists.

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/artistcafe_qatar/?hl=en
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artistcafeqatar
Website https://www.artistcafeqatar.com/



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