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Adventure Rooms-Real Life Escape Room Game & Dining in Dark



Qatar’s First 60 Minutes Real Life Escape Room Game! 

​Adventure Rooms is an exciting recreational activity for friends, families, students and coworkers. It is gaining popularity as a unique corporate team building event, or out of the class learning activity for students, so its perfect for any group for any occasion. The adventure is very thrilling, but not dangerous at all. It contains no horror elements, requires no physical exertion and it is suitable for ages 7 and up .

Adventure Rooms Qatar - Real-Life Escape Room | Qatar Living



​You Are Locked In​
​Your team has 60 minutes to find its way out of mysterious rooms. This is accomplished by using logic, searching for clues and using unique items in the room to help you get through obstacles like locks and doors.​
Solve Puzzles​
​To solve the puzzles different talents are required. Everyone must do their part. Puzzles will enhance logic, critical thinking, ability to work under pressure, communication and team work.


​Once your team makes it through all of the puzzles contained within the room you will find the final key, and unlock yourself to freedom.


Choose Your Game

Experience Qatar’s First and Most Unique Dine in Dark

At AdventureRooms – Dine in Dark, we will take you on a journey through tastes and textures, a multi-sensory dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and open your mind. We invite you to temporarily surrender one of your dominant senses, sight, in exchange for enhancing the other four, allowing you to completely
re-evaluate your perception of the world around you.

Waiter 2.gif

Lights Off … Senses On

​Before taking a plunge into an intriguing new world of mystery and sensation you have never experienced before, there are a few things to keep in mind that we will require prior your Dine In Dark experience:


Before You Dine​
​Upon arrival at AdventureRooms – Dine In Dark, our staff will explain the concept and the dining process in detail. At this time, they will also ask you about any food allergies you may have. 

Before you are led into complete darkness and to your table, we ask that you place all light emitting objects, such as cell phones, watches, lighters, and cameras into the secure lockers that we provide for your convenience.  This policy is in place to make sure all of our guests have a wonderful sensory experience while dining in the dark with us. We also suggest visiting the restroom facilities before entering the dining room.

While You Dine​

The Dine In Dark experience begins in a pitch black dining room where our friendly servers will guide and assist you to your table. Once you have become acquainted with complete darkness, you’ll notice that it’s quite relaxing, and your social awareness is heightened.

If you have any food allergies, please remind your waiter to ensure that we accommodate your needs. If you need your guide at any time, please call them by their first name and they will attend to you promptly. For the safety of our wait staff and guests, please do not leave your seat in the dark dining area unless your guide is accompanying you.

After You Dine​
​After your Dine In Dark Experience has completed, our staff will guide you to the lobby. It may take a moment for your eyes to adjust to the light, this is normal. You may want to look down or shield your eyes until you’re fully adjusted to the light.

​At this point, it is time to say our goodbyes and we hope that you had a wonderfully unique sensory journey throughout your evening with us. Be sure to share your experience with friends and family, through social media and by word of mouth. Before you leave, remember to collect your belongings from your assigned locker.

How educated are your taste buds?

Find out…
Think back to your fondest memory. Only a few of us may be able to remember the beautiful sounds, the aromatic smells, the delicious tastes and the feeling of warmth, but all of us remember the sights. Of all of our senses, sight dominates how we perceive the world around us. In every facet of our lives, we depend so heavily on the sense of sight. Have you ever wondered how your senses would react in complete darkness? AdventureRooms – Dine In Dark will take you on the most unique sensory journey you have ever experienced. When the sense of touch, hearing, taste and smell are heightened, food, drinks and dinner conversation become a brand new adventure. Eating in the dark at AdventureRooms allows for an extraordinary dining experience time and time again. The AdventureRooms experience begins in a pitch black dining room where our friendly servers guide and assist you to your table. Trust in our trained staff and allow them to lead you through your new dark environment.

​Once you become acquainted with complete darkness, you’ll notice that it’s quite relaxing, your social awareness is heightened, and any shy feelings you may have had will quickly disappear. During your dining experience, you’ll feel your way through a three-course meal, one course at a time. Each delicious course has been beautifully created to entice the taste buds and awaken the senses through flavors that flow from dish to dish.

​AdventureRooms – Dine in Dark is Qatar’s first and most exclusive dining attraction offering a complete sensory experience. It’s more than just a meal! It’s a journey of the senses that will make you re-evaluate your perception of taste, smell and touch. Experience our one of a kind dining experience and exclusive cuisine.


Please contact us directly at (00974) 70500139 to schedule your group event.
Book early—our calendar often fills up quickly.
Minimums apply based on the event, date, and time.
Discounted rates for large groups available.


Corporate Team Building Activities Across Qatar

Whether you’re planning an event for 10, 100 or even 1,000+, we’ll handle all the details. Our friendly, professional staff works closely with you to understand your goals, and they’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your team building activity goes off without a hitch.

​Experience + Expertise = Seriously Fun Results


Getting  To Know You

Your AdventureRooms Account Manager will chat with you about your needs and help you select a program to perfectly match your goals and budget.

Customizing Your Event

Next, we work with you to tailor your event to your team, based on location, venue, group size and your desired outcomes.

We Organize the Details

Your Event Coordinator will laser in on the finer details, and connect you with your on-site Event Facilitator, and their team, so that everything goes off without a hitch.


Let the Adventure Begin

Our highly trained facilitators love what they do, and it shows! Their genuine enthusiasm is infectious and will carry over to your group, effectively achieving your goals and delivering powerful results.

To know more about it click on link https://www.adventureroomsqa.com/teambuilding

Contact Us

Email: info@adventureroomsqa.com

Phone number: +974 70500139

Address: Building No. 51, Fereej Bin Mahmoud

Doha, Qatar

Website:- https://www.adventureroomsqa.com/


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