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Cabinet Issues More Restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19


Prime Minister and Minister of Interior His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani presided over the regular meeting held by the Council this afternoon at its headquarters in the Amiri Diwan.

After the meeting, Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs His Excellency Dr. Issa bin Saad Al Jafali Al Nuaimi stated the following: At the beginning of the meeting, the Cabinet listened to the explanation provided by His Excellency the Minister of Public Health on the latest developments and developments to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19 ), and after reviewing the report of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management regarding the plan to re-impose restrictions due to Covid-19 In the interest of the health and safety of all members of society, he decided the following:

Firstly : 1- Continuation of work with the decision of the Council of Ministers which stipulates that, according to work need, no more than (80%) of the total number of employees in the government sector start their work at their place of work, while the rest of the employees start their work remotely, from their homes or upon request, depending on the circumstances.

2 – Continuation of the work of the Council of Ministers, which stipulates that no more than (80%) of the total number of workers in the private sector start their work at their place of work, and the rest of them start their work remotely from their homes.

3 – To allow meetings to be held with the attendance of no more than (5) persons for employees and workers in the governmental and private sectors, while taking precautionary measures and measures.

4- Continuing work to compel all citizens and residents upon leaving the house for any reason to wear masks, unless the person is present himself while driving the vehicle or with his family.

5 – Continued work to oblige all citizens and residents to activate the (EHTERAZ) application on smartphones when leaving the house for any reason.

6 – The continued opening of mosques to perform the daily duties and Friday prayers, with the continued closure of toilets and ablution facilities.

7 – Preventing social gatherings and visits in closed places in homes and councils, and permitting the presence of a maximum of (5) people in open spaces.

8 – Permitting the presence of family members residing in the same house only in winter camps.

9 – Not to hold weddings in closed and open spaces until further notice.

10 – Closure of playgrounds and exercise equipment in public parks, beaches and the corniche, with gatherings being restricted to family members residing in the same house or two people as a maximum.

11 – Continuing work to oblige all citizens and residents when leaving and moving for any reason that no more than four people are in the vehicle, including the driver of the vehicle, with the exception of family members residing in the same house when leaving and moving in vehicles.

12- Continuation of work on what has been decided to reduce the number of people who are transported by buses to half the bus’s capacity, while taking precautions and precautionary measures.

13 – Continuation of work to operate metro services and public transport with a capacity not exceeding (30%), and to reduce the capacity to operate these services to (20%) on Friday and Saturday of each week, taking into account the closure of places designated for smoking, and not allowing food and drink to be consumed in other ways of mentioned transport.

14- Driving schools closed until further notice.

15- Reducing the capacity of cinemas to (20%), not allowing entry to persons under (18) years, and not organizing theatrical performances except after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Public Health.

16- Allowing private educational centers and training centers to provide their services through remote communication programs only.

17- Continuing the work of nurseries and childcare facilities, with a capacity not exceeding (30%).

18- Reducing the capacity of public museums and libraries to (30%).

19- Continuing to allow individual educational sessions to be held in centers designated for people with special needs.

20- Not to allow the training of sports teams, whether in closed or open spaces, with the exception of preparatory training for local and international tournaments approved for teams within the bubble system.

21- Obtaining prior approval from the Ministry of Public Health to organize local and international sporting events.

22- Obtaining prior approval from the Ministry of Public Health to hold exhibitions, conferences and various events.

23- Reducing the capacity of commercial complexes to (30%), not allowing children under (12) years old to enter, and closing all prayer areas in these complexes, while continuing to close all common restaurant yards inside the commercial complexes, and allowing these restaurants to make external requests or deliver them inside the restaurant only.

24 – Continuing to allow restaurants and cafes to serve food and drinks as per the following rules:
A- Capacity not exceeding 15% for all indoor restaurants and cafes.
B – A capacity that does not exceed 50% for restaurants and cafes that have a “Clean Qatar” program certificate and capacity that does not exceed 30% for the rest of the restaurants and cafes in open spaces.

25 – The continued suspension of rental services of boats, tourist yachts and pleasure boats, with the exception of rental services for family members residing in the same house, and owners of boats and personal yachts are obligated in the event that they are used only by family members residing in the same house.

26- Reducing the capacity of traditional markets to 30% and not allowing children under 12 years old to enter.

27- Continuing the functioning of wholesale markets with a capacity not exceeding 30% and children under 12 years are not allowed to enter.

28- Continuing the work of beauty and hair salons with a capacity not exceeding 30%.

29- Closure of amusement parks and all entertainment centers until further notice.

30- Closing gyms and physical training clubs, stopping massage services, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzi services, and Moroccan and Turkish baths until further notice, with the exception of using gyms in hotels for guests.

31- Close all swimming pools and water parks until further notice.

32- Reducing the capacity of private health care facilities to 70%.

33- Reducing the operational capacity of the services provided by cleaning and hospitality companies during the working hours of the establishments contracted with them to 30%, and allowing the provision of their services with a full capacity outside the working hours of those facilities, and allowing the provision of their services at home by one person only.

Second: In this regard, adherence to health requirements, procedures, precautionary measures and controls determined by the Ministry of Public Health.

Third: The Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and other government agencies, each in its own jurisdiction, shall take the necessary measures in this regard, to ensure compliance with health requirements, procedures, and prescribed precautionary measures.

Fourth: These decisions shall be effective as of Friday, 3/26/2021, until further notice.


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