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Challenge 22 helps Podeo become the largest Arabic podcasting catalogue in the world

In the third of our series about Challenge 22 start-ups and participants, we caught up with the team behind Podeo to find out how the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s flagship innovation programme has helped the app employ 15 full-time staff and become the biggest Arabic podcast catalogue in the world from a mere concept to a thriving reality.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Podeo?

I’m Stefano, 22 years old, and extremely passionate about the podcast and audio industry. I decided to pursue Podeo full-time while in college, and grew Podeo to a team of 15 full-time members, managing millions of listeners and hundreds of content creators. Users can listen to millions of audio podcasts on the Podeo app, all free of charge. Today, Podeo owns the largest Arabic podcast catalogue in the world, and has the largest distribution network for audio podcasts.

Why did you get involved with Challenge 22?

I came across the Challenge 22 initiative while searching for new business development opportunities, and I couldn’t think of a better synergy for Podeo than Qatar 2022. With so much content generated around the tournament, I knew that being affiliated with it made perfect sense. I applied and went through several screening rounds and eventually found myself on the global stage along with much-needed financial support. After that, Podeo’s trajectory completely changed towards achieving a greater goal of democratising podcasts for the Arab region.


How has Challenge 22 changed your start-up business?

Challenge 22 was a springboard for our growth. We were exposed to various opportunities which allowed us to execute our idea into reality, focus on growth, partnerships and product enhancement. This allowed us to raise funding from investors, and produce and distribute podcasts with SC ambassadors, as part of a number of exciting collaborations, all tailored for the World Cup.

How will your business help enhance the fan experience during Qatar 2022?

Podeo will allow fans to access personalised audio-updates via the Podeo app. We are also working on integrating Podeo’s technology directly within Qatar’s public transport networks in order to execute a seamless audio experience.

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