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Travel and Quarantine Guidelines updated for GCC Citizens and Residents entering Qatar


GCC citizens and residents are allowed to enter the State of Qatar at any time, provided they follow the travel and return policy.
GCC citizens and residents should have a mandatory pre-travel COVID-19 PCR test result valid for (72) hours before arrival to Qatar from testing centers approved by their local health authority to do COVID-19 PCR tests.
It is mandatory for travelers to install and activate Ehteraz app on their mobile phone using locally authorized SIM cards.

Fully vaccinated individuals:

Fully vaccinated GCC citizens and residents who received any of the COVID-19 vaccines recognized in Qatar with at least (14) days since the last dose and present an official vaccination card or certificate are exempted from quarantine.
Non-vaccinated children below 18 years of age traveling to Qatar with their fully vaccinated parents are hotel quarantined for (7) days, provided that the booking made through “Discover Qatar​” before their arrival to Qatar. On the condition that one of the parents can be exempted, while the other quarantined with the children and his/her health status on Ehteraz app will turn YELLOW, which means they are under quarantine. During the quarantine period, the parents cannot exchange their roles.
Important Notes:
Subject to correct certification and a pre-arrival PCR test with a negative result, GCC citizens and residents who have been previously infected with COVID-19 and have then received a single dose of vaccine may be exempted from quarantine once two weeks after vaccination have elapsed.
The same exemption can be applied to those who have been infected after receiving a single dose of vaccine once two weeks has elapsed.
The exemption from quarantine applies to GCC citizens and residents entering Qatar through either Hamad International Airport or the Abu Samra land crossing.

GCC citizens and residents must present the following documents to be eligible for quarantine exemption:
​An approved vaccination certificate with the date of their single dose;
An approved medical certificate showing the date of their COVID-19 infection;
Negative PCR test result from swab taken within 72 hours prior to entering Qatar.
GCC citizens and residents will be required to do PCR test at Hamad International Airport or Abu Samra upon arrival with additional fees of QR300 payable using a bank card or through an online link which will be sent to the individual’s mobile number immediately after registering in HIA or Abu Samra Clinics.

Only the following vaccines will be accepted by MOPH:
Pfizer BioNTech
Covishield (Astrazeneca)
Janssen/Johnson & Johnson

All of the quarantine exemptions mentioned above are not applicable to GCC citizens and its residents who are traveling into Qatar from any of the 6 East Asian countries where mandatory hotel quarantine applies.
The policy change is in line with the latest clinical evidence showing that the combination of antibodies due to previous infection and one vaccine dose are on par with fully vaccinated individuals.


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