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‘Decoding Communication’ Book by Girish Jain & Manzoor Moideen


Introduction of Girish Jain

Girish Jain hails from Delhi, India. A Chartered Accountant by professional, he carries a wealth of experience of over 25 years in the finance field and currently working as Chief Financial Officer with MAN Energy Solutions Qatar, a multinational corporation in Qatar. Held chairmanship of the local chapter of Chartered Accountants twice, he is a regular invitee as guest speaker and panellist at various national and international conferences and workshops on the Indian economy, finance, internal controls, and audit. A philanthropist, motivational speaker and trainer, he has also presented many motivational workshops on leadership and communication in Qatar and India, including talk shows for school and college students.

He has won several speech awards and equally contributed to the Indian Community in Qatar which includes serving these associations as honorary Head of Finance. He has financially supported many social organizations and schools whenever any noble cause arises. He has been living in Qatar, for the last 22 years with his wife, Nisha, also a finance professional, daughter Anushka, a Grade 12 student, and son Aditya, a Grade 8 student, both studying at Delhi Public School, Doha.

Introduction of Manzoor Moideen

Manzoor hails from God’s own country – Kerala, India, An Entrepreneur – Managing a Fire Protection Company in Qatar. A Toastmaster for over 18 years and currently serving as Program Quality Director of District 116. A Prominent Quiz Master & Trainer, a Passionate Gardener. He used to write short funny stories in Social media. His wife Beena is a teacher by profession, daughter Zainab doing her graduation from Symbiosis, Pune and son Zidane studying in grade 5 in Birla Public School.

Girish said

What triggered the idea of this book?

“It is indeed a dream come true for me, to see this mammoth project complete, and ready to enlighten many lives. Throughout my life specially in my career as a finance professional, I met and interacted with many amazing individuals. These interactions originated several interesting real-life incidents. On the other hand, my association with CA Chapter, ICC and Toastmaster offered me abundance of opportunity to learn intricacies of communication. Slowly I learnt and realized how significant and valuable communication is, in life. Writing has been my passion from childhood and when I started sharing these incidents through small articles, many were published in different journals. They say, Journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step, and that single step for me was in early 2020, when Gulf Times published my article on communication in their monthly magazine ‘society’. I owe this to its editor-in-chief Mr. Amjad Vanimal for believing in my words. Suddenly I was flooded with calls from friends who applauded my efforts and asked me to write more on this subject. That was the point that triggered converting a mere 4-page article into a big 200 page book. The idea was to have a book that can give a holistic approach of mastering one’s communication. I soon realized that I need someone to share the burden and help me as a co-author. I approached my close family friend Manzoor, a profound speaker having command in the field of communication, who agreed without any hesitation. After so many detailed discussions, and late-night sessions on what to include and what not to, how to design the chapters, what is relevant, and what will work, we could give it a shape. This book is a result of the patience and hard work of one and half years and I feel proud and highly emotional that it is finally in our hands. My father was a master communicator and I have always admired his wit and presence of mind. This book contains some real-life examples to learn from, which involved my father and situations how he handled conflicts and difficult situations.”

Manzoor Said

“Soon after my college, I began working with a private company back in my home town in India, that involved extensive travelling, mostly by long distance trains. That is when I developed my love…. for Books! Never was voracious reader but picked all possible reads, from kids stories to novels to self-help and Management books. I just enjoy reading and never ever thought what went behind each book, until, my close family for last many years Girish Jain asked me to help him with his debut publication. While the Pandemic and lock down last year gave us a challenging period, I thought, probably use those spare time to something productive and nodded my head, and there began the journey of Decoding Communication. We spent hundreds of hours of discussions, writing, re-writing, rephrasing, amending, updating, improvising, editing, proof reading and what not? The time, the exertion, the devotion, the efforts, the sweat, has finally paid off. It is indeed a proud moment for us both and our families at this felicitous moment, that our debut book – Decoding Communication is being launched.”

Features of the book

This book is a maiden attempt by authors to define and decode communication for young professionals, managers, and all those who need to understand different aspects of communication to help them improve their communication skills. Careful thoughts and efforts have been put in while writing every chapter of this book so that the core message is conveyed in simple words for everyone’s clear understanding.

This book is a complete handbook of all the essential ingredients of effective communication. There are 11 chapters which mainly includes the importance of 2-way communication, vocabulary, body language, uphold dignity, knowing audience, managing anger and emotions, conflict resolution and listening skills. The content of each chapter in itself equals a standalone book, condensed to give time-tested wisdom in lesser words.

In this book, readers will find many real-life examples to connect with, interviews of experts in their respective fields to quickly learn from their intelligence and wisdom. We used simple English to promptly understand the thoughts without jargons. We also included group exercises, surveys, case studies, references of suggested books and of YouTube videos so readers can add on and master their knowledge and skills. There is a pinch of humour with few light hearted cartoons specially created for this book. This book is a pool of knowledge about a relevant subject used by everyone in their everyday life whoever wishes to improve his or her communication skills.

Book launch event briefing

The virtual book launch ceremony of ‘Decoding Communication’ was conducted on Sunday 16 May. It was an overwhelming and proud moment for the authors to see a huge turnout of over 350 participants – dignitaries, family members, friends and well-wishers from across the world to bless the book.

HE Ambassador of India to Qatar Sh. Deepak Mittal and Group CEO of Doha Bank Mr. R. Seetharaman conveyed their best wishes, though could not join due to prior engagement.

Mrs. Usha Ravishankar with her brilliance and sharp observations, anchored this 2-hour event with grace and energy.

The gracious presence of Ms. Maryam Al Hammadi, Director General of Qatari Forum for Authors, Ministry of Culture & Sports, was acknowledged who addressed the gathering and motivated all with her inspiring words. She made this event more elegant and dignified with her pleasant personality. Authors expressed thanks to Mr. Hemant Dwivedi from Indian Embassy and Ms. Rashmi Agarwal, an Indian entrepreneur for their brilliant support and kind presence.

Major highlight was prominent authors Mr. Abdul Nasser and Mr. Jatin Gupta who enthralled the gathering with their exceptional review with passion and style

Among many dignitaries who shared their views and congratulated the authors were Mr. Ole Bogh Nielsen, Managing Director of MAN Energy Solutions Qatar, Mr. Hamad Al-Karbi, Sr. Project Manager of Qatargas, Ms. Asna Nafees, Principal of DPS-MIS School, Mr. A.P. Sharma, Principal of Birla Public School, Mr. Rajeswar Sundaresan, Mr. Neeraj Ritolia, Mr. Sudhanva Vijay, Ms. Kami Nattall, Mr. Gopal Balasubramaniam, Mr. Srinivasan Iyer, Mr. Virendra Nath, Mr. Ram Mohan Rai, Mr. Sonny Varghese, Mr. Ravi Shankar and Mr. Prabhdeep Singh Baweja. Senior community leaders Mr. Baburajan, President of ICC, Mr. Ziad Usman, President of ICBF, Mr. Manikantan, Past President of ICC and Mr. Thayalan, District Director of Toastmasters also expressed their best wishes.

Family members of authors were also present and expressed their best wishes including Nisha Jain, Anushka, Aditya, K.M. Goyal, Beena Manzoor, Zainab, Zidane and Advocate Jazeera Ashraf.


You all can read the book online with below link.  

Weblink: https://notionpress.com/read-instantly/1339703

Girish Jain & Manzoor Moideen

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