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How to do business in Qatar with the government?


As one of the most vibrant economies in the region, the Government of Qatar sees healthy competition as an essential part of the contract and tendering process. In recent years, the government has passed legislation aimed at easing red tape for businesses wishing to apply for contracts and tenders.

A significant portion of government contracts and tenders are handled by the Government Procurement Regulatory Department. The Government Procurement Regulatory Department is under the direct control of the Minister of Finance, and awards tenders and bids on behalf of a number of government bodies as stipulated by the law.

e-Tendering Portal

As part of a nationwide effort to make government work better for those who live, work in and do business with Qatar, a government e-tending portal has been launched for ictQATAR. Over the coming year, the system will roll out to involve other agencies as well.

The automated tendering process will bring a new level of transparency and fairness to business competition.  It will also cut costs, create efficiencies, and decrease the time frame needed to complete tenders and auctions.

Suppliers registered in the e-tendering system will be able to:

  • Submit quotes and bids for open tenders and auctions published by ictQATAR.
  • Check the status of their submitted quotes and bids, whether active, awarded, disqualified or rejected.
  • Submit required documents, certificates and other deliverables to ictQATAR.
  • Save quotes and bids as draft to submit later.
  • Search for previously submitted tenders, auctions, quotes and bids.

Suppliers must receive an invitation to register for the e-tendering system. The registration process can be completed through Hukoomi.

Other Government Tender Listings

Suppliers interested in doing business with government should check the Government Procurement Regulatory Department tenders and auction page for listings from major government ministries and agencies. A number of organizations from the public sector also publish their tenders online separately:

Agency Name Types of Work
Amiri Guard Security, logistics, maintenance
Ashghal – Public Works Authority Construction, roads, public works maintenance
KAHRAMAA Logistics, construction, utilities maintenance, labor, machinery
Hamad Medical Corporation Medical equipment, services, pharmaceuticals, machinery
Ministry of Interior IT, construction and maintenance, services
Ministry of Municipality and Environment Landscaping, construction and maintenance, cleaning
New Doha Port Construction, security, environmental testing
Planning and Statistics Authority Census, data collection and analysis
Ooredoo Services, infrastructure, IT
Qatar Central Bank Services, banking regulation
Qatar Foundation Services, events, labor, construction and maintenance, equipment, IT
Protection and Social Rehabilitation Centre (AMAN) IT, services, research
Qatar Olympic Committee Construction, services, events
Qatar University Services, transportation, construction and maintenance, equipment, IT
Ministry of Public Health Services, health care
Ministry of Education and Higher Education IT, equipment, construction and maintenance

Qatar’s two main government tender websites are the Government e-Tendering Portal and the CTC Tenders Portal.

You may check Qatar’s Budget, and find out the total expenditure and revenues through the data available on the website of the Ministry of Finance.


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