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Qatar Beat Maldives in Asian Qualifiers for ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup


Doha, October 24 (QNA) – The first Qatar cricket team achieved victory over its Maldivian counterpart 154-56 in the Asian final qualifiers for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup (Australia 2022), currently being held at the stadiums of the Asian city in Doha with the participation of the teams of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and the Maldives.

Kuwait team also defeated its Bahraini counterpart (129-124) in today’s competitions.

The third day of the championship will witness tomorrow, holding of one match between Kuwait team and its Saudi counterpart, while Tuesday will be a rest for the teams, and the competitions will resume next Wednesday with matches of Qatar against Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain against Maldives.

The penultimate day of the qualifiers will also witness the holding of two matches, the first bringing together the Maldives with Kuwait, and the second, Saudi Arabia with Bahrain, the qualifiers will conclude next Friday with the match between Qatar team and its Kuwaiti counterpart.

Today’s competitions witnessed the participation of the “You Are Important Initiative” team, which is implemented by the stadium security department in the facilities and organizations security department, the participation was represented in introducing the fans who attended to watch the tournament with security and safety procedures in stadiums and sports facilities.

The team, which was present at the entrances and stands for the masses, explained a number of security guidelines followed in sporting events that would maintain the safety of everyone while attending such events and activities. (QNA)


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