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Being Loyal is a Choice One Makes


In a world full of unlimited choices, adore those who go hard for you. Loyalty is a very rare thing”.

I have talked about trust being a choice in the past. Loyalty is also a choice. Trust and loyalty are opposite sides of the same coin.

A healthy relationship is more than just physical intimacy; it is also an emotional connection and when you create an emotional bond with someone other than your partner, you aren’t being loyal.

Being loyal in a relationship is essential if you want to stay in that relationship.

And why should you be loyal to your partner?

Well, it’s a matter of pride and honor, and it motivates your loved one to be loyal to you as well but it also lets you be at peace because you aren’t hiding anything or doing wrong to someone.

So what does loyalty in relationships really means

  • Your relationship is not an option but a choice

Your relationship isn’t an optional part of your life but it’s the choice you made, and you need to be aware of that.

  • Value and appreciate loved one presence in life

Loyalty in relationships is also about valuing and appreciating your loved one’s existence.

  • Discuss issues first with your partner

The issues that you have in your relationship should be discussed with your partner first and not talking behind your partner’s back.

  • Don’t fall for someone else

Being loyal means choosing to love your significant other every day. And ‘accidentally’ falling for someone else doesn’t really happen; you always have a choice and always choose your partner.

  • Don’t give up on the relationship easily

You can’t just give up on the whole thing once things get tough. Always be there for your partner in difficult situations.

  • Don’t break promises made

Being a loyal partner means sticking to your word and you should never break the promises made.

  • Stop looking for happiness in another person

So if you are not happy in your relationship, try figuring out what the problem is and working on it instead of searching for someone new.

  • Don’t talk negative

You shouldn’t say anything that could shame your partner in public or in private and if others are speaking negatively of your partner, don’t join in with them.

  • Show Respect and Trust

You should never tell others about something they told you in confidence. That is how you show respect and trust.

 It is pure selflessness in a sense to where one put other needs over even their own.

In my opinion, loyalty is so important because it aligns with your moral compass. It feels like you are doing the right thing. Because you are. And it is going to make you feel almost a sense of superiority because there is such a lack of loyalty in the world and it is a rare thing.

So when people get it from you, they will follow you to the end of the earth. They will respect you so much more and you will build loyalty with them.

Much Love



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