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Celebrating Love with FNP in Qatar


What can we say, love is in the air. And it’s no different in Qatar. For the first time, Qatar residents can enjoy the entire celebrations around the ‘Week Of Love’, brought in by the world’s leading gifting firm FNP.

There is already an air of excitement around. What’s more, FNP helps you plan your very own ‘Week of Love’ and how you want to spend it. 

For instance, you could begin with a ‘Rose Day’ on February 7 – where red roses denote passion, yellow roses denote friendship and white roses denote a message of support. 

‘Propose Day’ could follow on February 8, a day earmarked for popping the question to your crush, or asking them out for the first time, as the case may be. Oh yes, you could also plan a ‘Chocolate Day’ on February 9. This is the date to send the chocolate lover you know the best of this magical cocoa creation, to sweeten their lives. 

Next could be the  ‘Teddy Day’, on February 10. This is when you send soft-toy bears to the ones that you care for. Look out for a special mega-teddy bear announcement from FNP.qa and watch out for it at the metros. Make a ‘Promise Day’ on February 11, where you make a commitment to the one that you love – and it symbolizes that love is not just about gifting each other, but about backing it with an assurance of trust and responsibility. 

And as things start to get a little closer to February 14th. You could plan a ‘Hug Day’, also called Embrace Day, on February 12, when you show your reassurance in the way it comes through best – with a tight and strong embrace of the one you care for. On the 13th night and on the 14th of February is when you could where you express your affection with feeling and intimacy

All you have to do is find your way to FNP in Qatar or log on to fnp.qa. To find us drive to the heart of Qatar, amidst the bustling streets lies a haven where love blossoms in the form of exquisite flowers, delectable cakes, and thoughtful gifts. FNP Qatar, a leading name in floral and gift offerings, beckons lovers to embark on a journey of romance and delight.


It offers a plethora of exotic flowers and enchanting arrangements. From velvety red roses symbolizing passion to delicate orchids whispering tales of admiration, each bloom is meticulously selected to convey heartfelt emotions.


Adding sweetness to your love’s calling, FNP also offers an array of decadent cakes and lavish hampers. They are oven-fresh cakes that melt in your mouth and are baked in FNP’s very own bakery. You could also delight your beloved with thoughtfully curated hampers brimming with gourmet treats and affectionate gestures.


So now picture this – A moonlit evening in Doha, where the city’s skyline twinkles like a canvas of stars, and the sea breeze carries whispers of romance. Amidst this picturesque setting, a romantic dinner awaits, complete with candlelight, fine cuisine, and the gentle melody of laughter.


As the evening unfolds, seize the moment to express your deepest emotions with gifts that speak volumes. A bouquet of crimson roses to profess undying love, a personalized hamper filled with cherished memories, or perhaps a sparkling token of commitment to pave the way for a lifetime together.

You will be delighted with the look of surprise and joy on your beloved’s face as they unwrap your heartfelt gifts, each one a testament to your affection. The sparkle in their eyes, the warmth of their smile—these are the priceless moments will etch themselves into your love story, forever cherished and remembered.

So, dear romantics, as you embark on this journey of love in the heart of Qatar, let FNP pave the way for you with beauty, charm, and everlasting romance. Plus you get free delivery on all Valentine’s Day products only on the 13th and 14th of February this year. 


visit – https://www.fnp.qa/gifts/valentines-day


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