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Glimpse into Montessori Interiors


When we consider kids interiors, it seems very simple, colorful, but there is a lot more to know…

I first starting researching about Dr. Maria Montessori’s approach to human development while in working with 974 Kids. At that time, I was struck by the similarities between some of Montessori’s tenets and the theories & practices of intervention for children. Children’s emotional, social, and academic development improve when they are empowered through choice. At the same time, children, according to the psychological literature, need to have appropriate boundaries and limits to feel safe and secure.

According to Montessori Method, a children’s room should be designed from a child perspective. It’s based on two main principles: functionality and minimalism .This means that every piece of furniture should be designed the way in which it is accessible to them at every moment, helping them to accelerate their independence. This method requires you to understand your child’s needs and opportunities and create an environment according to them.

So designing in a Montessori agenda, all the environments should be prepared in way they are accessible, as bedroom is the place where the child will spend most of their time: sleeping, playing with objects, and doing activities
But make sure that the kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and terraces can all include objects that provide security and freedom to children.
I am sharing some elements that can help the parents recreate their children’s space:

 Placing the right Furniture
Montessori emphasized the importance of using child-adapted and accessible furniture to children’s daily lives so that they would feel capable of getting everything they need by themselves. Some of the recommended furniture includes:
Wardrobe at their height, making available two or three changes of clothes to adapt to specific climates or occasions. The main point of this practice is to encourage and “train” their ability to make small decisions on a daily basis. This will help them a lot in the future when they have to make more important decisions.
Low shelf to store toys and other recreational items.
Small staircase, which functions as the main element for the autonomy of children in their homes. A small staircase allows children to reach the sink in the bathroom, the kitchen counter, or a book on a higher shelf.

 Decor
Images, photographs, and illustrations that are usually hung on the walls are useful because they embellish and arouse interest in art. But then only they will fulfill this role if they are hung at a height that the child can see and appreciate. Choose illustrations that match reality, such as animals, fruits, places, and people. And if the environment is designed for a baby, use more high contrast geometric images, especially in black and white.

 Hangers and Shelves
In addition to facilitating organization, hangers and shelves located on the walls, at the right height, allow children to hang backpacks, coats, and umbrellas. The order in which they are hung must be respected when the child is not present.

 Safety Items
The physical safety of the child is very important when it comes to home environments. Corner guards, drawer seals, and window protection meshes are some of them.

In short, preparing the environment at home is crucial, but it’s also important that children have safe and stimulating outdoor experiences. Visits to parks, squares, and beaches are very welcome during early childhood and are an essential complement to the techniques promoted by Montessori.

 Mirror and grab bar
It’s important to have a mirror to stimulate the child’s recognition of their own body and face, identifying facial expressions and, subsequently, feelings and emotions. In addition, the mirror helps them realize that they and their parents are different human beings and additionally helps them discover new movements. The installation height of the mirror and the support bar depends on the child’s development crawls, sits, walks. The support bar will help the child gain stability until they can stand up, and after walking the bar will accelerate the process to reach balance.

Child Development: Montessori plays a important role in child development. So proving the right ambience and accessories brings in a lot of difference in them. Your infant or toddler will be with teachers—loving, nurturing, and rigorously trained in child development—who create peaceful, supportive, and safe environments for our youngest children. Recognizing the importance of these formative years, the Montessori approach to infant and toddlers supports starting earlier than that.
Movement & Play Activities : The best toys create huge scope for learning through play, without kids even realising they’re learning Movement activities for young children help to enrich and develop motor skills, cognitive skills, and social skills by improving blood and oxygen flow—which aids in cerebral development and brain function.

So because of the current situation children are not able to attend their preschools and so on , So this is the time where the parents could know more about the Montessori interiors , how these could really be affect in this period of time , so any specific space , can be a bedroom , living room , could be re- styled or designed in terms of Montessori , as these methods brings effective changes in the kids.

Usually parents try to provide all the fun-kits, toys & accessories what the child needs, but through the Montessori Method before buying we could actually know about know these toys could be really beneficial for the kids specially in improving their kinetic skills. Visits to parks, squares, and beaches are very welcome during early childhood and are an essential complement to the techniques promoted by Montessori.

Here in Qatar 974kids also brings to you the creative spaces which allow children to build skills for themselves and also to learn and play through their surroundings.
For more information visit : https://www.974kids.com/

Meghana Muralidharan is an interior designer and a content writer who always believes that designer can spark creativity and innovation, and assumes that through writing one can express their own ideas.

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