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Qatar Airways Cargo to transport 1 million kilograms of aid for charities free of charge


Qatar Airways (QA) has played an exceptional role in supporting the global fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

In addition to repatriating over 1.8 million passengers on over 15,000 flights, and transporting over 50,000,000 kilograms of medical and aid supplies to impacted regions around the world, QA has introduced several initiatives that reaffirm its status as an airline that passengers, governments and industry partners can rely on and trust.

Recently, the airline announced that it had signed a two-year partnership agreement with UNHCR, to support the agency’s “purpose of providing humanitarian relief and assistance to the displaced globally.”

Now, the airline has introduced the ‘1 Million Kilos’ project to support charities worldwide with 1 million kilograms of air freight free of cost for impacted people and regions worldwide.

From this month to the end of December, charities across the world will be able to use QA Cargo services to ship humanitarian aid and medical supplies. The services will be free of charge.

“Such action is unprecedented in its scale. Qatar Airways is donating 1 million kilos of freight to selected customers around the world to give to the charities of their choice. This will allow the movement of medical equipment, humanitarian relief, and essential products to where they are most needed, free of charge,” a QA statement said.

According to the Chief Officer Cargo at Qatar Airways, Guillaume Halleux, “This action was triggered by the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic is a tragedy for millions of people, and we looked for ways how we, as an airline, could help those in the greatest difficulty.”

“This solution— shipping 1 million kilos of cargo free of charge – is a firm commitment for QR Cargo. More than just words, we wanted to act and to adopt a comprehensive approach based on actions for the future,” he added.

‘1 Million Kilos’ is the first chapter in an ambitious sustainability project called “We Qare.”

The project stems from four fundamental pillars of sustainability (economy, environment, society, and culture).

We Qare is a series of concrete air cargo actions tailored to make a positive impact on the industry as well as the world.

“The history of the airfreight industry must change in line with the new challenges the world is facing. As the leading voice within the cargo market, QR Cargo is pioneering the future, sustainable, and socially responsible air cargo industry,” Halleux underlined.

Meanwhile, health authorities in Qatar continue to implement the highest level of monitoring, detection, and management procedures to deal with the virus, and the public has been advised to follow certain measures to safeguard their health.


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