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Life Story of RJ Simran AKA Kidaan Jii


“Naam Gumm Jayega Chehra ye Badal Jayega Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchan Hain”

This Punjabi kudi is packed with energy and happiness. Her smile can erase all your chaos. #PatialadikudiSimran

She is smart, versatile, intelligent, and a fashionista. She thrives on Organic food!! She loves romantic songs and proves that happiness can be found in every tiny thing. This foodie is a great cook and a big-time Salman Khan Fan. She is an ardent follower of Yoga and believes that ” yoga heals the soul ”. Her Favourite color is Black. This talented personality comes with a decade of experience in the Radio and Television field. Stay tuned to Radio Olive 106.3 FM for Life Mast Hain with Simran… Kidan Ji! Her on-air tag line says it all” Love you 100 kilo”.

Let’s Read Her Life Story in Her Own Words

Hanji Namasakar Aadab Sat Sri Akaal this is One & Only yours Kidan Ji urf RJ Simran.

I was born & bought up in one of the most beautiful cities of India, Patiala which is in Punjab. I have a very small & lovely family which includes me, my 2 brothers,1 Sister who is married & settled in Canada & a beautiful typical Punjabi mom who takes care of us.
Recalling my childhood memories, we used to have a very big radio in my home. My mom always used to keep the radio on whenever she was doing her household works. I always keep her telling that radio station never plays my song & promise to her that when I will work for radio I will play all the requested songs for all my listeners. In this way my dream of becoming a Radio Jockey Started.

Being a girl, the journey of RJ was not easy for me. My dad’s family was totally against me saying girls are not allowed to work in media as it is not made for them. But my dad always supported & encouraged me to fulfill my dream & insisted to join Media. Then I took my admission to MJMC-Master of Journalism & Mass Communication & laid my first founding stone towards my dream. Along with my studies, I started working for AIR FM Patiala.

In the year 2006, I was recording my first show with AIR FM in their Studio. During the show, I switched off my mobile to avoid any disturbance in recording as it was my first show which was going to be aired. After my recording, I switched on the mobile & saw more than 100 Missed Calls from my family & got to know that my father had met with a Road Accident. At that very moment, my whole life turned out upside-down. I was Numb, Scared & rushed immediately to the hospital where I find out that my Dad is no more with us. So my first show was never got aired as on the same day I lost my father.

The above incident made me stronger, bold & I promised to myself that I will fulfill my father’s dream of becoming an RJ.

The Journey of my Radio Jockey started when I got my First Break in a Private Radio Station in India. I Have worked in India for more than eight years in different radio stations. Then I got an offer from a gulf country, to be one of the RJ for an Indian Radio Station, where I worked for almost five years. In April 2018, I landed in Qatar & started working as RJ for Radio Olive 106.3FM-First Ever Hindi Radio Station of Qatar.

Acche din the Jab na to Corona thaNa Social Distancing ka Siyaapa 😑#gocoronago #throwback #dandiya #missthosedays #staysafeeveryone

Posted by Rj Simrann Kaur on Saturday, 27 June 2020

Struggles are always part of life for anyone but for me, it is the opposite. I have not seen a struggling phase in my radio journey. I have blessed & thanks to god that opportunity always knocks at my door without searching for it. After God, my mother is the biggest strength of my life. She has always taken care of me & supported me each & every decision with a smiling face & have always motivated me to fulfill my dreams. One of my biggest dreams is to Host Shows in different countries around the world as RJ & I am on the verge of fulfilling it.

Radio is my lifeline. Without the radio I am nothing. In other words, I can say it is my biggest passion. RJs also have emotion, they also cry, they also have Family problems because, in the end, we are also a normal human being but when I enter my studio I leave all my personal life drama, tension behind & start my show with a big positive & happy smile. My show name is Life Mast Hain with Simran which is aired every day on 106.3FM Radio Olive from 10 am to 2 pm. Those 4 Hours of my Life are all about Spreading Positivity & Happiness for my listeners.Being Punjabi not only Indian listeners but Pakistani listeners also get connected with me easily on my show.

I believe that when you are that much capable that you have a roof to sleep, Food to eat & money to buy things then always make a habit of donating to needy people who are not as blessed as you are.

One thing more which i always say Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time. So try to give time to your loved ones, family & friends because once the time is gone it will never return.

RJ Simran Kaur

“Live your Life to the Fullest. Don’t Hurt Anyone, Stay Happy & Be Positive in your Life Always.”

Much Love from 100 Kilo urf Kidaan ji urf RJ Simran

(100 Kilo means unlimited & deep like the ocean is my love for all my listeners)

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