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General Tax Authority reminds firms to register on Dhareeba portal before September 30


The General Tax Authority (GTA) has reminded all taxpayers to register on the new tax portal by September 30, 2020 to comply with the new regulations. Taxpayers who meet the registration deadline will be exempted from the existing penalties related to previous registration and issuance of tax card.

Dhareeba, the electronic tax portal aims to provide best practices in taxations by assisting all tax transactions in a smooth and efficient way for many entities, by linking the General Tax Authority with taxpayers and its partners and the relevant government agencies.

The Dhareeba tax portal, manages, calculates and reviews the various types of taxes, and helps taxpayers know the procedures of their transactions electronically in a way that contributes to achieving better economic results for the State of Qatar.

The electronic system ensures efficient taxation procedures that saves time and efforts for both corporate taxpayers and the General Tax Authority, the most important of which are: issuing the tax card and appointing the taxpayer’s representative.

Taxpayers can register through the Dhareeba tax portal website: www. dhareeba.gov.qa.  For inquiries and assistance, contact the General Tax Authority at tax.support@gta. gov.qa or call 16565.

General Tax Authority was established by the Emiri Decree No. (77) of 2018, which was accompanied with the issuance of the tax laws (Law No. (24) of 2018 on the income tax and Law No. (25) of 2018 on the selective tax).

It is among the legislations which aim at developing the State’s public finances in order to support the economic growth and achieve financial stability, considering that the tax system is one of the main pillars of the fiscal policy in most countries worldwide


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