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Breast cancer dragon boat teams started 22 years ago on the west coast of Canada by Dr. MacKenzie.

He conducted a study with 22 breast cancer survivors to show women that they could still be strong and that they could exercise after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. He also wanted to demonstrate to medical practitioners that women could help manage their lymphedema by paddling (swelling of the arm when lymph nodes have been removed).

There are now hundreds of breast cancer dragon boat teams all over the world and now, there is one here in Qatar!

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Dragon Boating is a great way to:

* Build your strength

* Help manage Lymphoedema

* Develop friendships with other survivors and supporters

* Learn a new skill

* Remind you that ANYTHING is possible

* Make you part of a global community

* Give you exercise you look forward to each week

*Ensure you laugh a lot! 🙂

The Doha Wireless Warriors began in November 2014 after its founder was re-diagnosed with breast cancer. Already a member of a local dragon boat team, as well as one in her home town in Canada, her goal was to offer dragon boat sessions to survivors to build community, share her love of the sport and help manage, or prevent, lymphedema. (Lymphedema is a swelling of the arms when lymph nodes are removed. This swelling can be very uncomfortable and since paddling helps to keep the lymph fluid moving, it can help reduce swelling.)

Paddling is a great way to meet like-minded people while you gain strength and confidence. It teaches you how to move in synch with others and provides a safe place for survivors to simply ‘be’ without feeling the need to talk about their diagnosis.

We are Doha Wireless warriors. Dragon Boat Team for Cancer Survivors & Supporters come and join us. what’s rule number one? Have fun!

Location & Hours

Katara Beach, Doha, Qatar

For reservations & timings call (+974) 5529 7518

We’d love to hear from you!

**People need to sign Waiver Form before they come to join**
*……..Week day session……..*
 *Regular Session Practice*
*Monday 2020-10-26 05:00 AM*
C/ Nazar S/ Jenny
 *Women Only Practice*
*Monday 2020-10-26 04:00 PM*
C/ Sara C S/ April & Rania
 *Regular Session Practice*
*Tuesday 2020-10-27 04:00 PM*
C/ Sandee S/ Mo
 *Regular Session Practice*
*Wednesday 2020-10-28 05:00 AM*
C/ Ferdousey S/ Nazar
 *Regular Session Practice*
*Wednesday 2020-10-28 04:00 PM*
C/ Gill S/ Mo
“*NOTE:* *_Anyone who paddles with wireless warriors must sign the waiver below_*
Katara Gate 27…. beach behind the Boho restaurant at the top of katara
(End of Shakespeare’s street)
🔴♥️  *REMINDER*:
Bring *Water* & a Hat
People must sign up by noon of the session day or it will be cancelled.
COVID19 instructions:
1. EHTERAZ App has to be shown before going into the beach (to the steer)
2. Wearing a Mask at all times! except *a.* during warm-up *b.* when in the boat.”


Doha Wireless Warriors Dragon Team for Cancer Survivors & Supporters



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