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How to Request License for Business Sports Clubs?


This service allows companies and individuals to submit a request online, on the e-services portal of the Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCS), to apply for a license of business sports clubs, according to the provisions of Law No. (1)of 2016 regulating Sports’ clubs and its amendments.

Online Instructions

  • Login to MCS e-services portal, and enter your username and password if you were previously registered in the National Authentication System.
  • Select the service Request Business License in Sports Sector from the “Sports’ Affairs Department”.
  • Fill out the online application form of the Activity that is “Business Sports’ Club”.
  • Attach the following documents:
  • QID copy and CV of the license owner and responsible manager
  • Academic qualifications and expertise certificates, along with relevant supporting documents, of the responsible manager
  • Commercial registry or trade name reservation copy
  • Detailed report of the description of the project’s proposed business plan and preliminary feasibility study, through filling out its respective form
  • Signature authorization’s certificate of proof, in case of logging in as the representative or authorized signatory
  • Commitment and Affirmation form
  • Tick the checkbox Commitment and Affirmation, after approving all the terms and conditions covered in its form.
  • Click on “Send Request”.


  • First Time License Issuance: QR15,000
  • Annual Renewal Fees: QR3000
  • Fees for adding a sub activity: QR5000

Additional Information

The duration to receive the license depends on the number of working days calculated from the date of application, and on whether the necessary requirements have been met.


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