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Ali Abduljabbar Saifaldeen-An Amazing Journey of an Engineer to Photographer


(1) How would you like to Introduce yourself?

Ali Abduljabbar Saifaldeen, a father and an Engineer with passion for photography. I was born in 1982 in Qatar. After high school I got a scholarship and went to Australia where I received my degree in mechanical engineering from Curtin University in Perth in Western Australia in 2007, the same place where my interest in photography started.

(2) Tell Me Something About Your Family & How they have Supported you in achieving your Dream?

Married and I have 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys. My father is an engineer as well and my mother is a retired Arabic teacher. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters and am the second oldest between them.

My parents guided me and gave me the freedom to choose my major they did not interfere with the choices I made. My family had always supported me in my photography journey especially when I had to leave them for days and weeks to travel. They always supported me and celebrate my successes.

(3) Tell Me About Your Best/Memorable Childhood Memory.

This is hard one that need me to dig my memory for. But one the moment that I remember in 1990 when we traveled to Malaysia and Singapore for around 4 weeks. My father was teaching me to swim and I was straggling. Until the last night of the trip when I managed to do it. 

(4) One of the Happiest Moments of your life.

I will share 4 as they are all important milestones in my life. Graduation from university. Getting married. Having my first baby and becoming a father. Winning my first photography contest.

(5) One of the Craziest things you have done in your life.

Traveling to the North Pole region in which we sailed in an old ship for 10 days with out mobile coverage. We were disconnected from the world. It was us and the nature only.

(6) Tell me about your 3 Bucket list Dreams.

  • Building my new home.
  • Traveling to Antarctica.
  • Winning one of the highly recognized photography competitions.

(7) How do you describe the term Photography in your own words?

Photography is a simulation between the eye and the brain to capture the scene in the best way to tell a story.

(8) Tell me about your journey as a Photographer. 

I started photography in 2001 while studying in Australia. I bought a camera to take photos of myself and share it with my family through the email. We did not have smart phones at that time. Then I started to take photos for the city where I was studying and share it with my family and friends in Qatar and when I go back to Qatar in the holidays, I take photos of Qatar and share with my Australian friends.

In the beginning, I was taking photos of everything and I thought I want to try something unique that not every photographers are doing so I went into high-speed photography to capture splashes and water drop collision.

After a while I lost interest in this kind of photography and started to travel to take landscape and wildlife in which I became obsess with. I visited Norway, Iceland, North pole region, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Then I started to enter my photos to photography competitions, and I won more than 30 international prizes and got some of my photos to be publish in National geographic your shoot website.

In 2019 I have my first solo exhibition for my North Pole trip, and I called it “Below Zero” since all the photos in it were taken in temperatures below 0 degree C.

(9) What has inspired you to become a Photographer?

One click can capture and treasure a moment for ever. That’s why I love photography and was inspired to become good at it. To capture these moments and share them with others. Also, to show the world what I see through my lens and capture the beauty of Qatar.

A photo also can tell a story without words. They Say a photo is worth 1000 words.

(10) What kind of photography do you love to do most & why? 

I tried almost all kind of photography but am more interested in Wildlife and landscape. In wildlife you encounter a lot of animals and you learn their behaviors and see them in action. I have been into many safari trips and in every trip, I see different things every trip is unique. Landscape photography allow you to see the nature and admire god creation. You visit beautiful places where you can enjoy nature and relax.

(11) How do you want to help the society with your photography skills?

I do share my humbled knowledge with other photographers and try to support them as much as possible when they need it. Also, by capturing the beauty of Qatar and share it with the world to show them our culture and development.

(12) A Few words about Qatar & how this place has helped you in fulfilling your dreams?

Qatar is a unique place, small in size but big in it acts. Qatar aims to become an advance society that provide the highest standard of living for all its people by creating opportunities and safe environment to live in for the current and future generations. Qatar vision 2030 focuses on 4 pillars human, social, economic and environmental developments.

Growing in Qatar is a gift where education and health care is provided for free. Qatar provided me with opportunities to develop myself and get higher education which led me to where am I today.

Now in 2021, Qatar will have a high-class photography event called Tasweer. This is a very big step which will help and support us as photographers, and this was a dream for all if us to participate and show our talent and leave a mark.

(13) What message do you want to give to our viewers & upcoming photographers?

These days you can take photos wherever you are. You do not need to have expensive camera and gears to become a good photographer. You can take great photos even using your phone. It all depends on the person who is holding the camera/phone and his prospective.

Start with the basic roles of photography and visual feed you mind with other photographers’ photos to learn the techniques and angles which will help you to develop your own skills.

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