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Al Meera launched floating supermarket


In a first of its kind in Qatar, Al Meera has opened a floating grocery store anchored near Al Saffliyah Island for people using private boats, yachts and ferries.

The floating grocery store will also cater to customers in the sea, and also those taking part in water sports along the long coast.

Al Meera is now ready to serve you on the sea with an attractive range of products!
We thank the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, along with the General Administration of the Coast Guard and Border for their cooperation and efforts. The boat will be anchored close to Al Safliya Island.

The addition of a floating store to Al Meera’s supermarket chain has created great excitement in the social media.


Those who are out at sea will now be able to purchase snacks and other essential items without having to visit the shore.

It’s not clear what will be the working hours of the floating store, and how many customers it hopes to cater to every day.


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