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If Everything is falling apart, Embrace it


It feels like the wheels are coming off the world. Everything is becoming unglued!”

“It feels like life is falling apart!”

You have probably heard these statements many times this year. I have –most of the times I’ve heard it from myself!

If you’ve ever stopped and thought, “What am I doing?” or “How did I end up here?” believe me when I tell you that you are one of many—including me.

Feeling lost is stressful enough, but what about when we disappoint ourselves more than anyone around us? What do we do when we have no sense of direction or purpose, and dwindling confidence in ourselves?

When It Seems Life Is Falling Apart, It May Actually Be Falling Into Place  Better Than Expected | by Tony Fahkry | Mission.org | Medium

Often we are forced to face that the life wasn’t perfect. We aren’t perfect. But… We are enough. I needed to believe that to keep moving.

Sometime efforts to make everything work will actually blocking better things from coming our way. In other words, you should stop holding on so tightly to life. You have to let go and surrender to survive. You need to go with the flow to find your flow. You have to learn how to be happy for no reason other than to simply be.

When you do that, your whole life opens up for you. You practice radical acceptance and realize your place in this world mattered.  You stop knuckling through the problems and pain. You stop waiting for love and decides to love yourself.

You start to see yourself as capable and good no matter how others mistreated you. You decide by letting go, you would not give up. You make a promise to self to always be authentic.

Life is not always as planned, you need to surrendered and embrace it no matter what. Sometimes just To breathe. To just live.

You need to rise and here’s what you can hold on to:

1.     Find a Purpose

Find a purpose and show you are worthy. Focus on living in the moment and just following your passions without a plan. Purpose isn’t just a to-do list. It isn’t fixing everything nor mastering every skill. It isn’t making things work when they wouldn’t. I realized that my purpose was to be Happy without needing a reason to be.

How to Help Your Employees Find Purpose at Work | Authentic Appreciation at  Work : Authentic Appreciation at Work

2.     Forgive

It’s never easy to move on from the injustices of one’s life very easily. Sometimes life makes you continually face the very thing you’ve been avoiding. You keep getting redirected to it even as you resist. You find yourself with the same lessons you needed to learn before. Forgive all those who did wrong to you and release it to universe. Let go and surrender so that you can heal yourself. Mostly importantly forgive yourself in the process, too, for not knowing enough, for not seeing the truth.

The complexities of trying to forgive others

3.     The Reason

One will realize that its meant to go down the wrong road so you would be sure of the right one. Look at your life and see what really mattered. All you have to do is to surrender—be still, quiet your mind, allow rather than resist, let go, and find yourself even when losing it all.

When you embrace and surrender, you don’t need things to work out a certain way. You accept life as it comes, which leads to a breakthrough. When you give up, you breakdown. Surrendering is the sacred step to realizing your full potential. It’s realizing you are your own hero, and you must not stop now.

THE STATE OF SURRENDER!: Embracing life exactly as it is | The Mindful Word

“Always remember things fall apart so the other things can fall together”.

Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together. |  Marilyn Monroe Picture Quotes | Quoteswave

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