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A life full of Favorites- Happy Friendship Day


“No Friendship is an Accident”.

Many of us yearn for the joy that comes from lifelong friendship. While more attention is often paid to family and romantic relationships, strong and healthy friendships also play an essential role in providing support, joy, and understanding to individuals throughout their lifespan.

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It’s important to not only have friends we can count on but also to act in ways that make us great friends to others. In other words, it’s at least as important to be a good friend as it is to have good friends.

We have always known that a strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part.

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If you have good friends, they know when you need them and they are there with you!

Cultivating lasting, loving friendships takes time and effort; however, I cannot impress on you how important the investment in friends is, in both good times and bad.

Here are some ways to create and cultivate long lasting friendships:

  • Be YOUrself

The greatest gift you can give to others is you, the real You. So, pull off your mask and be authentic!

  • Be Giving

Be ready to give in for another that will make their life better.

  • Always Encourage

Your kind words you have for others are a balm for their soul. Always encourage and spread them liberally.

  • Understand

Seek first to understand your friend. Then you can help them understand you

  • Accept

Just because someone is different from you doesn’t mean you can’t find common ground on which to build a firm friendship. Go outside your “zone” to find friends

  • Be Available

Make some time out and be available. Schedule regular meet time with friends and stay in contact via text, or phone calls

  • Appreciate

Tell your friends how much they mean to you. You may think they already know this, but a verbal affirmation every so often makes sure they do.

  • Respect

Always respect them in their insecurities or even if you have any difference of opinions.

Building a lasting friendship is not easy. If you are authentic and are willing to open yourself up to others, you will find that there are many people who are looking for a good friend. So, if you haven’t already, take the time to invest in friendships. They may be your lifelines one day, and you may be one for them.

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“Friendship is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything”.


Much Love



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