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How to Obtain Medical Certificate from Medical Commission Department?


One of the services provided by the Medical Commission Department is Issuing the medical certificate. The Department receives certificate applications, then carries out procedures for issuing a health certificate, in accordance with the Department rules, and without any violation of regulations and laws. Workers in food branch, and staff in barbershops and beauty centers and health club personnel may benefit from the service  provided by  the Administrative and allied Services Department.​

Required Documents:
  1. Print an application form for obtaining a health certificate for food workers.
  2. Attach (2) recent personal photos.
  3. A copy of the entry visa + original passport (for first time applicants).
  4. A copy of the valid residence permit.
  5. A copy of the establishment registration card.
  6. Previous health certificate in the cases of renewal, replacement of the applicant, or change of profession.
  7. Vaccination card.

​Note: Companies must register their employees through the Ministry of Public Health website www.moph.gov.qa

  • The original registration receipt must be presented when receiving the health certificate.
  • Fees for this examination are (20) Qatari riyals.


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