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Forgiveness Isn’t Weakness


“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it’s a constant attitude:”.

A lot of strength is required to acknowledge pain, declare it, and forgive it. Forgiveness does not mean pretending it didn’t happen or hiding from it. It does not mean forgetting.

Forgiveness is the process of consciously healing emotional pain that resides within us from an encounter with a person or a group who we believe has harmed us in some way.

The phrase “forgive and forget” is not reality. It’s also doesn’t mean condoning or excusing a wrong.

Forgive and forget for tranquility in life

The only thing that holds you back from forgiveness is fear. Fear of letting someone “off the hook,” fear of being hurt again in the future, fear that you may have to change, fear that you may be perceived by your peers as weak, and fear that you may become soft. These fears may seem rational, but they stop you from leading a loving, open life.

It is an art form that takes practice. It’s not something you ever fully master, as life moves on and each passing moment brings new experiences and new ways we can be upset or hurt. Each situation is a chance to grow and become more awake to a better life.

Forgiveness allows the person who has forgiven to escape the hell of being trapped by other people’s actions and words. It is one the best things you can learn to do for yourself.

Forgiving Friday: Forgive those you know and those you don't

It can free you, eradicate anger over time, and leave you open to receiving wonderful things in your life.

I used to be so angry at the world, my friends, and mostly, myself. I regret some of the things I’ve done in the past, but I know the best apology once can ever give is changed behavior, and that is exactly what I have done. I have changed how I treat others and how I respond when they hurt me.

When working on forgiveness and opening your heart, painful feelings and memories may come up. But the rewards of choosing to stay open and forgive far outweigh the negatives.

When you are ready you will learn the freedom in forgiveness. Holding onto anger holds you back and weighs you down.

Learn to forgive and feel as light as air. You’ll then be open to receiving all the goodness that’s available to you in life.

Always Remember…….

 Forgiveness is not weakness, it is strength. 

Much Love





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