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Doha RFC History

The club had the typical start of many Gulf expatriate clubs. Some like-minded, mainly British expatriate workers started throwing a rugby ball around. An “official” club was formed in 1974 and was known as the Qatar Rugby Union Football Club. It is one of the oldest clubs of any type in Qatar and one of the oldest rugby clubs in the Arabian Gulf.

The club originally used a sand pitch in West Bay which has since been covered in large office blocks.

The club’s name was later changed to Qatar Rugby Football Centre for legal reasons. To all we are just “The Rugby Club”.

In 1974 the AGRFU was formed and the club was a founder member of the organisation.

In 1977 the club moved to its present site and slowly but surely the facilities have improved, from laying a grass pitch in 1998 to putting in a 4G pitch and stand and shop in 2016.

Today our membership is representative of the many nationalities resident in Qatar and includes a thriving minis and youth section.

The club currently fields 2 senior mens teams, a veteran mens team, two ladies teams and a full range of junior sides from under 19 years to under 6 years. In addition to Rugby there is a thriving netball league who make full use of our netball courts, the 4G pitch has become very popular with 5 aside footballers, and there are many keep fit classes which take place at DRFC throughout the week.

DRFC is always a favorite venue for rugby and football playing naval and military forces visiting Qatar. During the run up to the 2006 Doha Asian games, the club was pleased to offer training facilities and many trial matches to the Qatar national Rugby Team

Men’s First Team

The Doha 1st XV is a team made up of players 17 years and over who are interested in playing competitive rugby in the Middle East. The standard of rugby is always increasing and is now at a very competitive level throughout the region. Doha won the title in 2011-12, our first top senior title since inception in 1974.

The team is made up of men who are primarily out in Doha to work but love their rugby and still enjoy playing at a competitive level. We train 2 nights a week and games are held most Fridays during the winter months. The team forms a great bond of friendships and is a fantastic place for new rugby mad arrivals to come and make an instant bunch of new friends.

The 1st XV plays in the top competitions of the West Asian league against teams from the UAE, Bahrain, Muscat and Kuwait and for the last few seasons has also been one of the leading teams in the region.

In addition to the Gulf Premiership and Top 6 competitions the squad also enters a team in the annual Dubai 7s which is a cracking event and a must to be involved in at least once. We also undertake both a competitive pre-season tour and a social end of season tour.

 Training Times:

 Monday and Wednesday 7.00pm-8.30pm

 Membership Requirements

 To train and play with the Men’s first team you will need a playing membership. For details regarding membership type and fees, please click here.

Useful Contacts

First team coach: Caine Elisara firstxvcoach@doharfc.com

First team managers: Dave Harcombe firstxvmanager@doharfc.com

Men’s Executive Committee Rep: Frank Hughes mensrep@doharfc.com

Club captain: Rachel Innes captain@doharfc.com

Men’s Second Team

The Doha 2s is a team made up of the 1st XV squad members. Both the 1st XV and 2nd XV train as one and are viewed as one large squad by the coaching staff only needing to split on match days.

The mighty 2s are a team that play in the second division league of the West Asian competitions and acts as a backup for the 1st XV to give guys on the fringe of selection more competitive rugby and a chance to force their way into the top team while also giving those not so serious a structured and organised team to play for when they are available.

The 2s were established as numbers in the senior squad grew and it became viable to put out 2 Senior Men’s teams each weekend. They are well lead by the inspiring character of Jonny Wright and have a great time on and off the pitch. This team have managed to knock over some 1st team squads from other clubs in their first season out which has been a great effort.

If you still enjoy your rugby and want to play but not to a fully serious competitive level, or have had a few years out and want to play again and get to know new people in Doha then this is the team for you.

The 1st XV and 2nd XV train and act as one squad so get down to training and make yourself known.

 Training Times:

Monday and Wednesday 7.00pm-8.30pm

 Membership Requirements

To train and play with the Men’s second team you will need a playing membership. For details regarding membership type and fees, please click here.

 Useful Contacts

 Club captain: captain@doharfc.com

Ladies Team

Doha Ladies 2021

Welcome to the Doha Ladies!

We are a diverse team who are always looking for new team members, weather you have extensive rugby expeirence, or none at all, we’d like to welcome you down! All you need is a willingness to learn, a bit of basic fitness and a good sense of humour! If you’re interested in getting involved, come down and join us from the beginning of September onwards. Non-members can attend for the first 4 training sessions before commiting for the season.

We do play contact, but there is no obligation to do so! All our trainings are conducted in safe and fun enviornment with our experienced coach.

We also hold socials throughout the year outside of the rugby pitch.

If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch.


Training Times

Sundays at 6pm – 7pm

Tuesday at 7pm – 8pm

2021 Season starts on Sunday the 5th of September at Doha Sports Park

Membership Requirements

To train and play with the ladies team you will need a players membership. For details regarding membership type and fees, please click here.

Useful Contacts

Ladies coach: Saner Hasan rugbydevelopment@doharfc.com

Ladies team manager: Becky Richards ladiesmanager@doharfc.com

Ladies Executive Committee Rep: Chloe Egglestone ladiesrep@doharfc.com

Doha RFC Minis / Youths

10 things you need to know about DRFC’s Minis & Youth Section

1. Around 200 children enjoy this great game within our M&Y Section

2. We offer rugby coaching for boys & girls aged 5 to 17 years old

3. This season we are training & playing at Doha Sports Park (DSP)

4. With four full size rugby pitches, and a clubhouse and restaurant, Doha Sports Park will provide a fantastic home next season

5. We are committed to providing a fun, welcoming family atmosphere for players and their families

6. Social events will be held for all the family throughout the season

7. We have players from more than 35 different countries

8. Our playing fees are very competitive

9. The 2021/22 season starts on 25th September

10. We are always looking for new players to join. For more information, email us via minis@doharfc.com

Vets Team

The Mongrels (Men’s Third Team) & the DOGS (Men’s Vets)

The Mongrels are a new team for DRFC, as playing numbers expand and the club seeks to meet the needs of all its members, both new and old. The Mongrels are made up of those men of Doha who are seeking to gain from this great game, not only an opportunity to play competitive rugby, but also fun, friendship and fraternity.

The Mongrels warmly welcome all adult players both young and old; from those new to the game to seasoned internationals; players seeking a ‘tour only’ career to those wanting the opportunity to play for the Mongrels in the Qatar National League. The Mongrels offer this without the commitment and pressure of senior squad rugby, while providing the same standards of coaching, leadership and organisation one might expect from a team playing at a far higher level.

A number of the Mongrels also play for The DOGS – the DRFC Vets Team, with both teams training together on a Sunday and Tuesday evening throughout the season. As such, the teams see themselves as a family within a family, and in doing so, look to tour at every available opportunity!

Both the DOGS and the Mongrels understand that there is life outside of Rugby. To manage the life commitments of its players, training nights are split between a Social Sunday, that involves non-contact training and Team Tuesday, where the Mongrels build towards their games in the Qatar National League. While all players are welcome at both sessions, there will clearly be players who wish to focus on one session or the other and those representing the DOGS and the Mongrels (as well as those who represent both!) are welcome to do just that.

Looking for a social, while having a run out? You’ve come to the right place!

Training Times:

Sunday: 7pm to 8pm; Tuesday 7pm to 8pm

Membership Requirements

To train and play with the Mongrels (Men’s third team) and the DOGS (Men’s Vets team) you will need a playing membership, following an initial trial period. For details regarding membership type and fees, please click here.

Please contact the Team manager for further details:  rampage.rugby@gmail.com

Doha Rugby Football Centre | Vets Team Photo Gallery


How can I join DRFC?

DRFC’s membership application procedure is all online. Click Sign Up on the top right hand side of this page, and have QID copies and a passport photo for all people involved in the application.


What membership type do I need?

Social membership gives you access to the facilities at our temporary home at Doha Sports Park, all the benefits of Doha Sports Park membership, as well as access to DRFC membership benefits and events.

Playing membership is required to access training for our Mens, Ladies, Vets and Minis & Youth teams.

I am in Doha temporarily, can I still become a member?

There is no temporary membership option for DRFC.  Please contact admin@doharfc.com to discuss options.

I have no Qatar ID, can I still become a member?

Yes, you can still become a member using your passport number instead of Qatar ID number.

Do I have to be a member of DRFC to gain entry?

You either have to be a member (with your DRFC membership card) or the guest of a member (with your passport or Qatar ID). Occasionally guest lists are permitted for certain events at DRFC, however passports and Qatar ID are still required.

Can I upgrade my membership from a single to a family status?

Yes you can. Each playing membership comes with a free single membership to Doha Sports Park included, and a top-up of 800 QR can be paid for upgrade this to access for up to 2 adults and 3 children. You can calculate the various option using our Membership Fee calculator at www.doharfc.com/membership/membership-fee-calculator

I’m a novice rugby player, would I be welcome at rugby training?

All levels of players are welcome at DRFC. Check the training times for the relevant section and come along and meet the coaches.

How do I get to Doha Sports Park

A map to the location of Doha Sports Park can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/MVma39WxxS3iXPzv6

I’ve signed up online. How do I pay my fees?

Fees can be paid in cash at one of our registration days announced regularly or via bank transfer. Please contact admin@doharfc.com for next steps.

What is your refund policy?

Social membership fees are non-refundable. If a playing membership fee is cancelled by the player, it is also non-refundable. However, if four or more weeks of training are cancelled by DRFC (for example, because of COVID-related restrictions), the social membership component of membership is non-refundable, but the difference between social membership and playing membership fees will be refunded to the member on a pro-rata basis based on the number of training weeks lost.

Do your fees change if I join later in the season?

If you join on or after January 1st, social membership remains the same, but playing membership reduces to 1775 QR for a senior player, 1600 QR for a Minis & Youth player from U9 and above, and 1350 QR for a Minis & Youth player from U8 and below.


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