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A Guide all about How & where to Invest in Qatar


Invest Qatar was created to help transform one of the world’s richest economies. We do this by sharing the story of Qatar, coordinating among a portfolio of partners on the ground, and partnering with investors to support their long-term success.

The Investment Promotion Agency Qatar (IPA Qatar) is the steward of the Invest Qatar brand, which was designed to be used by all investment platforms to create a unified strategic narrative for the State.

Licensing Platforms

Invest Qatar acts as an umbrella and facilitator for all licensing platforms, each of whom is working to attract businesses to set up in Qatar.

These platforms include the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Qatar Free Zones Authority, Qatar Financial Centre, and Qatar Science & Technology Park.

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Qatar Science & Technology Park

Key Economic Sectors

As Qatar’s economy continues to flourish, the country offers investors a secure and stable market with tremendous potential for business growth. Though the country’s robust economy is predominantly hydrocarbon-based, the state has made conscious efforts to mobilize resources with a view to diversify economic activity and build a knowledge-based economy. Today, exciting possibilities await as a plenitude of opportunities is constantly being created in various sectors and domains. Nine key sectors have been identified as key areas of focus:

Sector Facts and Data

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Logistics & Transportation


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Advanced Manufacturing 


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Professional Services


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Financial Services


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Webinar Spotlight on Qatar’s Real Estate Market Reforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Qatar is constantly expanding opportunities for businesses looking to establish their
presence in, or extend their reach to Qatar. We pride ourselves on having an enabling,
conducive, and friendly economic and business environment.
With diversification at the heart of Qatar’s vision for 2030 and beyond, the nation’s strong
economy and evolving infrastructure present companies with a competitive platform for
partnerships, growth and expansion.

The advantages investors can leverage in Qatar include;

  • Up-to-100% foreign ownership in all sectors
  • Low corporate tax rate, zero tax on personal income, double taxation treaties with 60+ countries
  • Expanded economic zones with tax holidays
  • Full profit repatriation
  • Permanent residency
  • Liberal immigration and employment rules
  • Instant access to e-government services


You may invest in all sectors. As an investor, you will enjoy rapid access to leading markets
and suppliers, especially in the following fields:

  • Smart Cities
  • Agriculture
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Health
  • Education
  • Consultancy services
  • Information Technology (IT) and Artificial Intelligence
  • Logistics

Qatar has also developed a sophisticated entrepreneur-support ecosystem that helps SMEs
and start-ups realize their ambitions from ideation to market.


As a single and complete source for investment solutions in the country, we work closely
with you to understand your business goals. Furthermore, we connect you to the right
people, resources, and platforms throughout the investment process, to ensure your long-
term success in Qatar.

Qatar offers investors a variety of solutions with long-term success in mind. These include
the following Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Logistics Parks, Industrial Zones and
Warehousing Parks​:
Ras Bufontas – Airport Free Zone
Ras Bufontas is situated 6 km away from world-renowned Hamad International
Airport. As a leader in freight and passenger operations and efficiency, let Ras
Bufontas and HIA take your business to new heights. Recommended industries
include logistics, consumer products, light manufacturing, services, technology and
applications, and pharmaceuticals.
Umm Alhoul – Port Free Zone
A 34 km 2 free zone near Hamad Port, and the world’s largest Greenfield port, Umm
Alhoul Free Zone is set to become a major factor in Qatar’s imports and exports. It
offers a wealth of resources and connectivity, already capturing 27% of trade in the
GCC region. Invest here to improve your global supply chain. Recommended
industries include maritime industries, polymers and plastics, advanced
manufacturing, and logistics.
Al Karaana Industrial Zone
Al Kaarana is an Industrial Zone with an area of 48 km 2 , advantageously situated
half-way between Doha and Abu Samra.
With access to over 100 million customers, locating on Al Kaarana will provide you
with the infrastructure you need to successfully service global markets.
Mesaieed Industrial Zone
Strategically located next to Industrial City and only 40 km south of Doha, Mesaieed
Industrial Zone is a hub for many industries, such as oil refining, petrochemicals,
fertilizers, workshops, and primary building materials.
Jery Al Samur Logistics Park
Jery Al Samur Logistics Park is designed for the distribution of land-based goods and
materials throughout Qatar and the wider region.
Birkat Al Awamer Logistics Park
Birkat Al Awamer Logistics Park is ideal for companies that seek to build their own
facility, with the option to build their own showrooms, offices, and worker
accommodation within the plot. Plots vary in size starting from 1,000 m².
Aba Saleel Logistics Park
​Aba Saleel Logistics Park serves as a major logistics area, providing investors with the
perfect breeding ground for their business and the infrastructure required to cater
their needs. Offering plot sizes of that, this Park is ideal for small enterprises. ​
Al Wakra Logistics Park
Al Wakra Logistics Park is one of several logistics facilities that promote an efficient,
sustainable, and modern supply chain of goods and materials throughout Qatar.


Qatar’s tax system is competitive and concise. The rate of tax is 10% of a company’s total in-state income, paid annually. Typical business costs are deductible, and losses can be rolled over for up to 3 years from the original accounting declaration.


Under Qatari law, you may invest in all sectors permitted, with a shareholding of up to 49%, which can be increased to 100% upon the approval of the Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Specialized platforms such as the QFC, FZA and QSTP further liberalizes the market and
offers investors 100% shareholding in most sectors.


In Qatar, you can incorporate any of the following legal entities: a limited liability company;
a limited liability company owned by one person; a limited liability partnership; a joint
liability company; a public joint stock company; or a private joint stock company.
To streamline the registration process for you, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has
developed a single window platform to process business applications through the online
submission of required forms.

Furthermore, via licensing platforms such as the QFC, FZA and QSTP you can register by
following their respective registration guidelines found on their websites.


You can kick-off your business project following the approval of the competent department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) and obtaining the commercial registration and license from relevant authorities. You can expect MOCI to reach a decision on your application within fifteen days of receiving the required documents.


Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions and
provide you with the relevant information. You can get started by filling the form here.

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