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THE BIZZ AMEA 2021 coming to DOHA


We are honoured to finally welcome the The BIZZ AMEA 2021 to Qatar which will be held in November 23 to 26 at The St. Regis Doha, it has been a whirlwind of world-wide obstacles since the first planned date of the event, and it is with great excitement that we have collectively made it to this point. In the spirit of showing our unified response to the confirmation of the new event date, Qatar Tourism met with the World Confederation of Businesses – WORLDCOB discussing the details of the next The BIZZ AMEA 2021 where our collaborations were solidified once more.

WORLDCOB is an international organization founded in 2004 in Houston, Texas, whose primary mission is dedicated to promoting business development and boosting the growth of leading businesses in every country through special tools such as The BIZZ Awards, WORLDCOB- CSR, a CSR international standard, and the WORLDCOB TRUST SEAL (WTS). These awards are known as one of the world’s most important business awards which offers the global business community a range of benefits which aids further their development.

In the past, Qatari companies such as Doha Bank, West Bay Petroleum, and Qatar Airways have been recognized for business excellence at these awards which have previously been held in cities such as Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Rome, Hawaii, Monte Carlo, and San Francisco, among others; offering members the opportunity to live the BIZZ experience in a different location each year. This year WORLDCOB has already received a warm welcome from Qatar by receiving more than 50 applications and still growing from our local companies.

Christoph Hodapp, from Qatar Tourism’s Business Events, stated: “Business Events is a substantial growth sector for Qatar Tourism, and the country. As borders reopen, we are glad to host events in Qatar once again. Through welcoming global events such as THE BIZZ AMEA Awards to Qatar, we introduce the destination to newer audiences. With seamless service excellence, world-class venues, and an ecosystem that enhances and complements business events, Qatar is a compact destination with outsize offerings.”

During an interview with Jesus Moran, Founder, and President of WORLDCOB, he commented: “We are excited to have our first international event after the Pandemic in this great city. And we are honored and grateful for the support of Qatar Tourism. Our more than 200 guests from almost 50 different countries will experience a unique networking experience and cultural entertainment, and city tours. THE BIZZ AMEA Awards will host activities encouraging business integration, networking, and tourism, all in an exciting new destination”.

WORLDCOB invites all companies that are interested in applying for THE BIZZ AWARDS by submitting their applications at https://thebizzawards.com. Companies and institutions will then go through a one hundred point scale of complete business excellence questionnaire which will evaluate them in criteria’s such as: Business Leadership, Management Systems, Quality of Products and/or Services, Business Creativity and Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Achievements and Awards.

Companies and institutions who receive 90 points or more would then be considered to have achieved Business Excellence and are thus selected to receive the world’s most important business recognition, THE BIZZ. Where each winner is divided by the country they represent. Companies that receive THE BIZZ Awards for the first time will be evaluated based on two categories, Inspirational and Entrepreneurial. However, companies that receive THE BIZZ Awards for the second time or more may receive different recognitions such as: Peak of Success Awards, Beyond Success Awards, Be a Legend Awards, Glory Awards, Pinnacle Awards and Victorious Awards

We wish WORLDCOB all the best in the final preparations and look forward to being part of this remarkable event in only a few short months.


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