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Less Known Beaches in Qatar

2A5YC11 Al Thakira beach. Qatar.One of the beautiful beaches in qatar

Al Khasooma Beach

This Beach is located in Al Khasooma – coastal area near the municipality’s north coast, east of Ar Ru’ays

Easy terrain even for small cars due to the hard sand. Has a rocky edge to park cars then a step down unto a soft sandy beach. It’s a good place for a long drive and an overnight camp. There’s a resort nearby. But like most beaches here in Qatar, there’s trash along the beach. Please be responsible for your trash if you go to any beach. We picked up whatever small piece near our area and while walking along the beach.

Review by Allen Listones 

Good place for sea side sitting and BBQ, water level not enough for swimming or you have to go long way inside sea to find high level water.Easy terrain even for sedan , no facilities.

Review by Tanveer Asim

Address565X+6RJ, Madīnat ash Shamāl


Al Mafjar Beach

Al Mafjar Beach is a good beach for water-sports, swimming, snorkeling and hiking. It is worth mentioning the abandoned historic village, that lends this beach its name. Driving there with a sedan is trickier than to Fuwairit, but the landscape is beautiful. Furthermore Al Mafjar Beach is close to Umm Tais National Park – an important protected habitat for birds and other animals. 

Best way to Mafjar Beach

+ From Doha drive north on Shamal Highway until you reach Al Shamal and the highway ends at the second roundabout. Turn right and after about 2.5 Kilometers turn left on the small paved road. Continue until just before you reach a group of houses at the shore turn right onto a dirt-track. Follow the track parallel to the shore until you reach Mafjar that can be recognized by the fenced abandoned village.

Address 47PX+JG5, Madīnat ash Shamāl


Al Yousufiya Beach

This Beach is located near Madinat Ash Shamal in northern Qatar.This beach is good for BBQ & it is Kids Friendly.

Address Al Khawarizmi St،, Abu Al Dhalouf


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