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Qatar Balloon Festival 2nd edition in Aspire Park

Composit of the mass ascension launch of over 100 colorful hot air balloons at the New Jersey Ballooning Festival in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey as a early morning race

The Qatar Balloon Festival 2nd edition is a 10 day festival of Hot Air Balloons where 35 balloons will be participating from around the world.

The event has been scheduled to coincide with four major events in the country:

1. Qatar International Food Festival: 26 Nov – 15 Dec 2021
2. FIFA Arab Cup 2021: 30 Nov – 18 Dec 2021
3. Qatar Live 2021: 01 – 18 Dec 2021
4. Qatar National Day: 18 Dec 2021

Enjoy the music and entertainment, food, novelties and so much more!

Sunrise Balloon Flights

The surreal scene of a group of Hot Air Balloons taking off and coloring the skies at sunrise is unforgettable. The balloons will start taking off and fly with the wind for a period of 45 to 60 minutes and then land where the retrieve vehicles will collect the balloons, the crew, and any guests onboard.


A group of balloons tied to the ground by ropes will be providing a balloon ride experience to the public. The scene of the colorful balloons will be a fantastic opportunity to take photographs of the memorable experience.


As the darkness sets, the Hot Air Balloons are inflated and start to light up in tune with the music. This spectacular scene must be experienced on sight as no video or description will do it justice!

The Venue for the Event is Aspire Park

Hot Air Balloon rides are available through asfary.com here is a link for their balloon ride booking page.


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