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Qatar’s Verdura Care Trading launches a unique global tree plantation project in collaboration with Hong Kong based EcoMatcher


Doha, Qatar– Qatar’s very own sustainability focused company Verdura Care Trading has signed an exclusive partnership with Hong Kong based, B.Corp certified company EcoMatcher to help corporates in Qatar offset their carbon footprint and increase their sustainability score and overall economic, social and environmental impact. Through this exclusive partnership of aiming to plant a billion trees together by 2025, Verdura Care is pledging to take a step towards contributing to Qatar National Vision 2030’s goal of sustainability and becoming carbon neutral.

By 2030, Qatar’s National Vision aims to become an advanced society that can sustain its development and provide the highest standard of living to its residents and citizens. To achieve this, sustainable and environmental development goals must be in harmony with each other. To further realize this vision, however, it is necessary to consider the ever-changing global climate. If we are to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius by mid-century, which is the level suggested by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we must be carbon neutral.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr.Latifa Al Darwish, the Chairperson of Verdura Care Trading Qatar said, “We are extremely glad to partner with EcoMatcher and launch this unique Tree Plantation project for corporates in Qatar. Our decision to partner with EcoMatcher and bring this initiative to Qatar was for their proven expertise for having implemented similar projects in other countries with international foundations and global corporations. We have a deep commitment to sustainability, and as a company it is our objective to gradually transform the linear model of consumption to a more circular model.”

Mr.Bas Fransen, CEO of EcoMatcher says, “EcoMatcher is proud to partner with Verdura Care Qatar and bring further awareness of tree planting in Qatar. Tree planting is crucial for addressing the climate crisis, and this partnership cannot come at a better time”.

“The objective is to plant trees, integrate transparent tree planting in the system and ensure their sustainability, and promote decarbonization. Through this collaboration we are adding a unique experiential and sustainable gifting solution to our existing portfolio of corporate gifting solutions”, says Atreyi Basu, the Founder and CEO of Verdura Care Qatar. She further adds, “We are about to witness a carbon neutral football World Cup, which we all should be immensely proud of as residents of Qatar. And at the same time, it’s our individual responsibility as a conscious and responsible resident of this country to make sure that we make a conscious effort in our own small ways to Qatar’s sustainability goals.”

Planting a tree as an experiential gift-giving solution!

Verdura Care Qatar through this partnership with EcoMatcher which is the world’s first blockchain enabled digital tree planting platform and is also a strategic partner of the United Nations, is promoting decarbonization, while at the same time keeping track of the planted tree’s exact location through a mobile app, including their progress, species, climate, the farmers planting the trees and their daily status. Tree planting has never been so transparent, sustainable, and engaging! You can be sure of the results of your tree planting efforts. Put smiles on the faces of your employees, customers, investors and associates with these environmentally friendly gifts. You can be assured that the outcome will have a positive impact in the world.

Imagine rewarding your employees with a tree as part of your recognition and employee engagement initiatives or gifting one as a customer loyalty program or even allowing your customers to pick up a tree at your online store’s checkout point and offset that shipment’s carbon footprint or may be gift your investors or business associates a tree that you planted for them. Corporates planting the trees can virtually take their team or customers to their respective company forests through satellite maps in the application and also check their sustainability score. Imagine the sense of belonging they will feel.

Making a difference together…

Atreyi Basu, the founder and CEO of Verdura Care further adds, “Verdura Care Qatar was established to address the biggest problem consumers face – greenwashing. The goal is to turn the corporate gift giving industry green by providing corporates in Qatar access to authentic and verified sustainable gifting solutions which are physical, experiential, and digital in nature. We are here to make a change in the age-old and repetitive thinking of gift giving, where a branded ceramic mug or USB is considered the idle corporate gift that helps to have brand recall. I think completely different. How about gifting your employees, customers, stakeholders and investors something that has an intangible value attached to it? How about empowering them to contribute towards a larger and pressing cause like climate change that the entire world is tackling? We have always worked with commitment and dedication towards sustainability, and I firmly believe, together we can create a sustainable future for our planet and improve the lives and livelihoods of communities where trees are planted. I am inviting all the corporates in Qatar to join us in this mission and let’s start planting and gifting trees. You can reach out to me at atreyi@myverduracare.com and I would be happy to have your organization as a part of our tree planting initiative.



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