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Abdulla AL Mushaifri-Story of an Omani photographer based in Qatar


(1) How would you like to Introduce yourself?

My name is Abdulla AL Mushaifri, an Omani photographer based in Qatar , a lucky father with 4 beautiful children .

(2) Tell Me Something About Your Family & How they have Supported you in achieving your Dream?

They said behind every successful man there is a woman, and in my case I have 2 one is my mother and the other is my wife, My mother she always pluses me with her prayers , and my wife she took the responsibility to grow up our kids while she supported me to carry on my hobby , and I am very thankful for their support.

(3) Tell Me About Your Best/Memorable Childhood Memory.

when my dad asked me to take a group photo for our family, that’s was the first time ever I touched a real camera in my life (i was 14 years old by that time).

(4) One of the craziest thing you have done in your life

Losing my lifesaving by investing in shares and stocks trading.

(5) What do you love most about yourself?

Being humble with people.

(6) Tell me about your hobbies.

Beside photography, i like to read a lot about any subjects , i do love music and some time i do some mixing for myself only when I have free time. Also my real passion is visiting museums and arts galleries.

(7) Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

winning the Sony national award 4 time in the row .

(8) Tell me about your journey as a photographer.

Well it’s a very long story to tell, but to summarize it within short answer, i will latterly say: i started from the bottom, my biggest dream it was to be a film maker , however it’s appeared that thing was not destined to me due the lack of the support from the team that you helped them so much to achieve their dreams . So I found myself giving up my main dream and chasing another one, it was not an easy task to start learning a new thing , but yet it was not impossible thing to achieve, I spent a lot of time to learn shaping my skills and knowledge on the same time to reach the current level today. like everyone else we saw bad days and happy days too, after all I am really proud about my journey .

(9) What has inspired you to become a photographer?

Too many things, however the real beauty in photography is having no limit to share your creativity within your audience, there will be always some new stories for telling, and once you start become a photographer you will never quit.

(10) What kind of photography do you generally like & why?

I like shooting people portraits & architecture. With people faces you are telling a lot of stories such as their culture and the way how they live. And for the architecture you are capturing the real beauty of the art , in the same time you can translate a lot of creativity on it, such as indicating the mindset of the people who built such a great buildings and the other things by directing the audience eyes to focus on the details that’s you are capturing from one side of the building by manipulating with the light and shadows.

(11) If your life is a photograph, what would it look like?

Traveling around the world and documenting every details I found out.

(12) If you could live one day of your life over again, what day would you choose?

Well i am very grateful for every moment that I lived in so far, so i think I wouldn’t prefer to return the time back .

(13) How do you want to help society?

I believe as photographer you have a bigger message to deliver more than clicking the photo, you can share your views for the world From your lens and you can share your art and knowledge at the same time, as self initiative i started that step from a long time ago by writing an articles on a weekly basis to lecture people about the photography itself.

(14) A Few words about Qatar & how this place has helped you in fulfilling your dreams?

Truly i grew up in Qatar, the whole of my childhood was in this lovely Country. The life in Qatar is so quite , so you have alot of time to think and planning your future, and you have a multi people from different cultures are living in this country, so you are absolutely benefiting from that advantage by learning from their experience.

(15) What message do you want to give to our viewers?

Nothing is impossible if believe in your dreams.

(16) A Fews Lines about Essence of Qatar.(Our Website) as well as People of Qatar Series.

I really appreciate your efforts by helping other people to expose their talent , it’s really a novel thing from you to the society and it’s very rear to witness such a support, my words stays speechless to express how I feel happy by having me in this interview , thank you so much for this marvelous efforts from your end.

About – Abdulla AL-Mushaifri

Abdullah Al-Mushaifri

Instagram – https://instagram.com/almushaifri/

Website – https://almushaifri.com/



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