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Superfood to Eat Your Way to Healthier and Stronger Hair


Your hair looks limp and lifeless today but once you eat these superfoods, you’ll get good hair. Hair gets primary nourishment from the food that you eat. This is why hair growth slows down when you don’t have a balanced diet. Your hair needs various kinds of nutrients to grow. They play a role in creating the cells that make up hair. Hair is made up of about 90% protein, making it an essential nutrient in your diet. This is why you need protein-rich food like fish, chicken, and vegetables. They make your hair grow stronger and more resilient against damage. Other nutrients that hair needs include zinc, iron, and essential fatty acids. These are the few superfoods I include in my diet usually:

  • Salmon

Salmon has one of the highest essential fatty acids content. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and protein, making it extremely healthy for hair. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the inflammation of your scalp, which helps prevent hair loss. It encourages hair growth as well. Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon make your hair shinier. They ensure that your hair stays thick and volumized as well. Salmon is rich in protein and vitamin D too. Vitamin D prevents hair loss, especially for women.

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  • Spinach

Spinach is one of the healthiest greens you can eat. It is rich in various vitamins and minerals that help grow hair. Spinach provides iron, folate, and vitamin C. All of these nutrients help grow stronger hair and repair damaged ones. Iron supports red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nourishment to hair follicles. This stimulates growth of healthy and strong strands. Spinach is good for you if you have brittle hair. It strengthens hair cuticles and provides moisture to protect strands from dryness.

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  • Eggs

Eggs are high in protein, which makes up most of your hair. It contains high levels of iron and biotin as well. Biotin encourages healthy hair growth and helps strengthen hair. An egg is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid as well. Zinc is found in eggs too. There is enough zinc in one or two eggs to meet your daily recommended intake. Zinc maintains healthy follicles and hair shaft. It stimulates the oil glands around the follicles to ensure that hair receives nourishment.

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  • Avocado

Avocados are chock full of vitamins and minerals that target concerns with hair growth. They prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hair. Avocado is rich in vitamins B and E. These vitamins support hair growth at a cellular level. Vitamin B ensures that your hair grows healthy. It strengthens individual strands as well to prevent breakage. On the other hand, vitamin E soothes the scalp to treat conditions and inflammation that may slow down hair growth. Avocado has high levels of essential fatty acids as well. These fatty acids moisturize hair to keep it soft and shiny. It fortifies hair’s natural barriers so it doesn’t break when exposed to heat and pollution too.

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  • Walnut

Among all types of nuts, only walnut contains omega-3 fatty acid, which is essential for hair growth. Walnut also has vitamin E, which protects hair and scalp from damage. Vitamin E keeps hair strong enough to withstand damage caused by pollution, free radicals, and UV exposure. Biotin is found in walnuts too. It prevents hair loss and maintains healthy hair growth. Eating walnuts can help curb symptoms of dry hair and itchy scalp too.

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  • Lentils

Various kinds of lentils are high in folic acid, zinc, and protein. The protein strengthens the structure of hair. Folic acid, on the other hand, is responsible for growth of healthy cells. This means that folic acid supports the growth of healthier and stronger strands. It is important to normalize your red blood cell count too. Folic acid ensures that your hair continues to grow and prevents stunted or slow hair growth. There are many kinds of lentils including beans, chickpeas, and mung beans. They are great sources of protein, so they can fill you up better and make your hair healthier at the same time!

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  • Carrots

Carrot is a root vegetable that comes in different colors. It usually has an orange or purple color. Carrots are rich in vitamin A. This vitamin helps control oil production on scalp to prevent inflammation and clogged hair follicles. It means that your hair receives natural moisture from scalp too. This prevents hair from getting dry and rough. Sweet potatoes and pumpkins are other types of vegetable you can eat too.

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