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Women Photographers to inspire you in Qatar


Photography has changed a lot over the years. There are always new concepts to learn, creative techniques to explore – and there’s no better way to do it than by picking up an inspiring book or to meet people who are already in the same fraternity.

When it comes to learning photography, reading from books and watching videos are two approaches that each has strengths and weaknesses, But the people who share their knowledge and experience has the more power to stay in business.

Do you really think the term ‘photographer’ is gendered? Or is this just a troll question?

The term roughly translates as ‘someone who draws with light’ – photo (light) and graph (to draw or make lines). There is no mention of gender in there.

I’d understand it if the term under dispute was ‘Cameraman’, though that usually applies mostly to TV and Film, as that does have a gender implied in it. Though I think a more modern version would be cameraperson or camera operator.

Regardless, there are many female photographers out there. They usually get called and call themselves photographers. We, here in Doha are one of those. Away from our homes, we are living our dreams to do something creative in our lives.

Every woman in this picture is with her specialty in photography, some are best in portraits photography, landscape photography, some are in Fashion and wedding, few in Food photography. This meet was to encourage and to appreciate the women power in any field you think of. Appreciating each other’s work makes our community strong and that’s what the purpose of this meet was. Sharing the knowledge of technical things, business related queries, what, how and where…..We shared lots of things with each other and that made this meet so successful and fulfilled the purpose. These are the ladies behind their beautiful pieces of art on their profile.

Here are the Instagram handles of all these ladies, Please follow and check their profiles.

Fashion and Portrait Photographers:






Food and Product Photographers:



Landscape and Street Photographers:





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