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The Life Changing Lessons to Learn


“No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come”.

In the recent times I watched one of the greatest Indian epic, Mahabharata, where in Arjuna was faced with a difficult choice between duty on one side and his elders, relatives and teachers (loved ones) on the other, he was beset by weakness born of doubt and then he turns to his philosophical guide, Krishna and requests him for advice.

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The Battlefield symbolizes the human mind and the Pandavas and Kauravas symbolize the forces of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil.’ The battle between them symbolizes the ongoing battle that happens in our minds as well: should we be honest in our dealings (be it business or personal) or should we use unethical shortcuts, should we be loyal in our relationships or should we give in to transient and immoral temptations, should we think positively or negatively—the list is endless.

While the conversation between Arjuna and Krishna is in the context of the war, Krishna had many lessons that can be easily applied to our daily lives. Here are some of them I learnt that has in many ways helped me to take my decisions in a right way.

1. Never give up on what you love.

Hobbies and passions can breathe new life into us when we’re overwhelmed. No matter how much busy one is in life, never give up on your passion and dreams.

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2.Don’t look down on yourself

Never allow what people say about you make you feel inferior. You are unique in your own way.

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3.Be Selfless

Helping without expecting something in return is to be selfless. What you consider a small action may be a big deal to someone else.

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4.Being of service

No matter what, being of service to mankind and all other living beings is considered as a service to God.

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5.Stay Humble and Be Generous

Be humble in life as it helps one to cultivate genuine relationships with people. Show respect to everyone, and they will show respect to you. Be generous and fortune will smile upon you always.

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6.Take one day at a time

Always chose to live in the moment without worrying. It’s easy to get bogged down by challenging circumstances, but staying mindful and present can make things much easier.

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7.Value Friendships

Lifelong friendships are built upon respect and love. Treat others this way and you will always be surrounded by love and laughter.

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As you can see, these lessons have been drawn from various points of time in his Life. So, it should be plain to see that his entire Life was lived virtuously even if there’s no doubt that he was the divine embodiment of love.

Do the right thing, even if it’s challenging! 

Much Love




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