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MOI Sets Period of Time to Correct illegal Conditions of Violating Expatriates Visa


The Ministry of Interior (MOI) announced setting a time period to correct the illegal conditions of expatriates who violate the provisions of Law No. (21) of 2015 regulating the entry, exit and residence of expatriates, starting from October 10, and ending on December 31.

The Ministry said, in a statement issued on Twitter: “Accordingly, every violating expatriate or violating applicant must, during the period specified above, submit a request for reconciliation regarding violations of the aforementioned law to the Management of Research and Follow-Up or to any of the following service centers: (Umm Salal Service Center, Umm Sanim Service Center formerly Industrial Services Center, Mesaimeer Service Center, Al Wakra Service Center, Al Rayyan Service Center), to consider exemption from or reduce the amount of reconciliation based on the provisions of the aforementioned law.

The Ministry identified the categories that benefit from correcting their illegal status: “expatriates who violate residency, expatriates violating work permits, and expatriates violating family visits”. The Ministry called on all concerned to visit the Management of Research and Follow-Up, or the aforementioned centers, during the period referred to from 1- 6 PM.


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