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Living in the Present- In The Here and Now


“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

How can we spend the irreplaceable moments of today reliving the events of yesterday or daydreaming about an imaginary tomorrow? It is as if we are existing in the present but dissatisfied with the present, looking to be somewhere else, somewhere better.

One of the best, unforeseen consequences in past 2 years of Pandemic life, it has taught us to begin, living our lives in the present moment.

Choosing to live in the past or the future not only robs you of enjoyment today, but it also robs you of truly living. The only important moment is the present moment.

I consider some of the following on how to live in the moment.

  1. Appreciate the moments

Soak in as much of today as you possibly can, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, the triumph, and the sorrow. These are in our daily lives but we often forget to take them in and truly appreciate them.

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  1. Smile

Each day is full of endless possibilities! Start it with a smile. You are in control of your attitude every morning, keep it optimistic and expectant.

Smile - Wikipedia

  1. Remove

Removing things or people associated with past memories frees you and allows you to stop living in the past. Once the past no longer has power, you can begin to live in the moment

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  1. Forgive

If you are harboring resentment towards another human being because of past hurts, choose to forgive and move on. Let go and choose to be present in the moment instead.

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  1. Stop Worrying

You can’t fully appreciate today if you worry too much about tomorrow. Realize that tomorrow is going to happen whether you worry about it or not.

Stop worrying rubber stamp Royalty Free Vector Image

  1. Transcend addictions

Addictions in your life hold you hostage. Take the steps. And remove their influence over your life. Allow yourself to live in the moment addiction-free.

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Being present to this moment is no different.

  • It takes learning.
  • It takes practice and making mistakes.
  • It takes disciplined repetition until it almost becomes second nature

Learning how to live in the present moment is an essential ingredient in a happy life. If you can only live one moment at a time, you might as well make it the present.

Much Love




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